What About a Ghostbusters/Sixth Sense Crossover?

Director M. Night Shymalan is discussing a sequel to his film Unbreakable, the follow-up we've all been waiting for. Oh, we haven't been waiting for it? Well, he's gonna make it anyway ...





Trevor commented…

I think Unbreakable was great and would love a sequel to see how the two main characters developed.
Unfortunately for M Night is that he is stuck in a place where people expect and anticipate the surprise ending. It will be forever difficult for M Night to recreate that moment from Sixth Sense. I thought his past movie, The Happening, was a good attempt to diverge from that by just creating the plot tension and leaving it without explaination.
I would love to see M Night create a movie completely outside of where he's been, maybe a just-for-fun-summer-popcorn flick or a comedy. Something to expand his talent and then maybe return to where he came from.

matthew lane


matthew lane commented…

i wish he would just make another movie about aliens and jesus. that's what it was about right?



sammysupafly commented…

he's directing a live action version of "The Last Airbender" which always looked lame to me so...there's popcorn flick for the kiddies...i think he should make a straight horror film. that would be gangsta...

matthew lane


matthew lane commented…

i think he should make a porno and his directing name should be shama-lama-ding-dong.

i'm mature.



thestewart commented…

I loved Unbreakable. And yes, I have been hoping for a sequel. In fact, I'd read it was intended to be part of a trilogy. So here's hoping it turns out that way. And, of course, that he doesn't royally screw it up.

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