Flight of the Nacho Dynamite

Check out the trailer for the new movie from Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite, Nacho Libre) below. It's called Gentlemen Broncos and stars the incredible Jemaine from one of our favorites, Flight of the Conchords. So much weirdness in one movie ...



KevinSwitzer commented…

Wow, this looks dumb. I'm going to have to skip this in the theater. Also, on DVD. And even on a boring night when it comes on cable in 3 years.


Zachary mccann commented…

WOW!!! That is all i have to say about that. WOW!!!


Kim Kruesi commented…

I would go see this but I think its one that I'll end up regretting


iamjustinryan commented…

i liked napoleon and loved nacho libre so i'll probably see it and end up loving it or just liking it.


Karl Domogalla commented…

I will see this and laugh a lot, and probably be a little offended. But I love nerds, and Jared Hess, and Jemaine.

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