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Death to Auto-Tune

Death Cab for Cutie is campaigning to have music technology Auto-Tune outlawed. Come on. That's what they said about the synthesizer, and look how awesome Men Without Hats turned out to be! ...





Joel commented…

If it weren't for auto-tune we wouldn't have Cher's "believe" or anything by the secret handshake. you decide whether that's good or bad.

I like deathcab, but I think this is a little lame. I think most people who aren't familiar with the recording business would be surprised by how much polishing goes into recording... first we get rid of auto-tune, then it's fake reverb. unpolished music isn't pretty, if microphones could capture what it sounds like to hear music live, that would be wonderful, unfortunately even 10,000 mics can't do that, so polishing tools like auto-tune are needed.




Darja commented…

don't knock the trumpet. i played for 7 years...mostly because i don't do well with instruments requiring 2 hands (piano, guitar, etc.)



Jake commented…

I agree with Death Cab. The amount of artist who use auto-tune to make themselves "sound better" is staggering! Basically you have untalented/less talented people who want to be rich and famous, using this to promote themselves as something they are not. If it was simply for "art" sake then use it.....but i agree with nate on the point that it is not alot of times.
As for greg....i mean giving the illusion of something you aren't....thats lying. Be who God created you to be. If you can't sing...ok...make a joyful noise and record yourself. But don't lie to everyone who listens to your cd for your own personal gain.
Oh tim, every instrument should be tuned before you play it. Every brass instrument has a tuning slide for that purpose...a trombones has an advantage that they can change the pitch "on the fly". Also trombones do have "incrementally" measured positions to find notes. A trained player could find a note or pitch without even thinking if asked to play.
Ultimately this boils down to integrity: can you sing, yes or no. If you can't and you have to "doctor" your music to sell records (exception would be live gigs being recorded)...then don't front.

Tim Jenkins


Tim Jenkins commented…

i totally wasn't knocking the trumpet. haha.
Just making that point that pitch quantization doesn't effect skill levels.

Priest, i think you would be surprised how bad music would sound if it was "honest" I, as a recording artist and producer would never let an artist's skill or performance deficiency negatively effect a recording. That's why we multitrack things. And why we redo parts that we mess up on. If i had a band that was having difficulty playing a part, i would most likely bring in a better player to track the part. The shine is part of the art. A well known secret: Kutless usually doesn't play on their records. The guys from demon hunter record all their parts. They don't even write the music.

This also reflects a huge shift in the music industry that started with the Beatles and didn't quite come into full effect until the 80's. People are not longer looking for performances in recorded music as much as they want a great composition, presented in the best way possible.

Skill is overrated, it's creativity that lets people shine now. And the immensely skillful (i.e. celine dion and josh groban) are untouchable by the rest of us who use autotune.



Jake commented…

i COMPLETELY disagree with the statement "skill is overrated". That is the most ridiculous thing i have EVER heard! i listened to to you band (yall have talent) but, if you use auto-tune as an effect or instrument, fine. But you shouldn't say that your vocalist is singing...he is using an instrument or effect. He is playing auto-tune....and your correct in that CREATIVITY lets people shine....but someone could just as easily do the exact same thing your doing by changing their voice into something it is not. It would no longer be "unique." And being skillful doesn't mean you sound like celine dion or josh groban. Take some different less mainstream artist such as: sufjan stevens, mewithoutYou, radiohead, DEATH CAB. All of these artist would be considered raw or unskillful by mainstream. YET they are unique, creative, and I LOVE THEM!

"People are no longer looking for performances in recorded music as much as they want a great composition, presented in the best way possible." -false- there is no greater disappointment than hearing a cd then watching that person live and they sound completely different...or out right suck.

in the end, no matter how you split the hairs, music/art will always be subjective. something you may think is amazing, creative, and skillful...i could think is horrible, unoriginal, and talentless. Either made for a good topic of debate and sparked some good conversation. Blessings.

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