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Fresh Music from The Early Hours

We've got the perfect soundtrack to get you in the mood for the first day of Spring. Head over to The Drop to stream The Early Hours' latest release, the Falling Elevators EP. You heard it here first ...



Greg Taves


Greg Taves commented…

Wow, that's some good stuff. It's nice to find some new music.



Sean commented…

I dig it. Such a refreshing sound. Perfect for washing the NYC winter away.



Liane commented…

Very cool sound. I like it. Looks like I'm gonna have something new to listen to for the car ride back to school :)

BRENT Wayne Ratajczak


BRENT Wayne Ratajczak commented…

awesomely cool music Eric; Come take my hand is really smooth, but I love that piano intro to Wednesday.....yeah, let me know when you're coming to the Burgh

Ryan Hughes


Ryan Hughes commented…

Well, I had never heard The Early Hours and I did not realize it was spring-Now it is 2 in the morning on a Monday and I am hooked. Great music.

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