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Christian Rapper Dropped

Christian rapper The Ambassador has been dropped from his label, Cross Movement Records, "due to recent findings of moral failure in his marriage," the label's CEO, John Wells, said in a letter to fans. "It is CMR’s past, current and prayerfully, future position that living in moral compromise is unacceptable and never allowable in the lives of any of the ministers that we co-labor with."

You can read Wells' full statement here ...



seak4christ commented…

This is very dissapointing to find out. Ambassador is a great rapper and minister. Like all of us christians, we all struggle with our flesh. Just pray the lord keep him. His words were flames for god. Lets not shame him or point fingers at him, we all know we make mistakes. even those closest to the lord. Live and learn.


448 ministry hidden in christ commented…

our Lord Yahshua Ha Mashiak is so loving and gracious, he said to us that let he who is without sin cast the first stone. We've all falling short of the glory of God, but thank God he said our sin is as far as the east is from the west. I came to this google website to honor and thank is this brother publicly for his ministry in music. I was able to give a powerful testimony to some young men I work with , who you might say have questionalble character, one of these young men even mentioned not believeing in God.
Our conversation centered around another secular artist named Zero. Im a middle aged women and dont know or ever heard of this artist, but I asked the young man what made him interest in hearing and buying someone named zero. He told me that he liked the name, of which i replied, zero is nothing. but nothing plus God equals everthing . I told him that I know a young christian artist named the Ambassador, and that , I thought he has a cool named also. I told this young man i will bring in a song by him called gimme that. Not knowing that on this song the Ambassor has a line in it about zero . I didnt even realized that until the next day i was going to let him hear the song, and i decided to play it first, and listen to all the words, and there was the Ambassador rapping about letting zero taking the Lords glory. Well when I gave that young man that ipod to listed to him .. He was stunned. He loved it, and basically the Lord let me a middle age woman witness to a young man half my age, confessing to be an athesist . He watched me all day work like he wanted to hear the song again. One girl told me he even started saying that he believed in God , by time we finished our conversation. He didnt cuss for the rest of the day after hearing the Ambassadors, song. While we dont condemn the sinner just the sin, or excuse the act. The Holy spirit does convict us big big difference. To my brother the Ambassador in Jesus words, Go and sin no more. 1 john 1:9 please read. get up my brother your are free.
SHALOM , robina


Fonsecac62 commented…

"Who said the industry was ministry? More like show me the money."


Arabile commented…

I am not so sure this is the right way to be dealing with this. The guy founded Cross movement and now the same people who preach forgiveness are not doing that for a son of God who needs our prayers and love. Jesus would never do that. This is hypocritical and John Wells I implore you to reconsider your position in the Lords kingdom


lovesGOD commented…

anything that furthers the kingdom of God is ministry

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