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Derek Webb's Publicity Stunt

Sure, color us jaded, but the whole "controversy" Derek Webb is "having" with his "label" seemed a little fishy to us. And, it turns out the masses are being duped. Today, Webb sent out a cryptic email to his fans: [Read the rest after the jump.] 

use my twitter account for now either so _don't expect any updates there.

make no m_istake, our trouble with the label over content i_s very real, and not as simple as one word; we're back_ed into a corner.  but we have applied all of our creative resources to th_is, working furiou_sly to create something that we believe not only subverts any leg_al issues but should also be a _pretty wild ride.

so this will be the l_ast email for a while.  we'll t_ry to lea_k information via a new tw_itter account, @ssyndrome.  you're o_n your own so start payin_g attention.  i'l_l see you _on the o_ther side-


How do we know it's a publicity stunt? If you take each letter that follows an underscore in the email, you get “Paradise is a parking lot.” Then, according to the “help” on, there are 5 “artifacts” to be found. @ssyndrome just tweeted that the first has been found. 

So, if you want to play along, enjoy the ride. But don't freak out. Derek Webb is not in trouble with his label. They're just trying to build buzz for his new album.


M Smith


M Smith commented…

where was the morse code highway scene?



rockswillcryout commented…

mdog -

At derekweb,com, the second paragraph of the first email, first sentence is the world "all" click on it. Then click on the third bar from the left. That will take you to the morse code video.

M Smith


M Smith commented…

ah, got it. has anyone actually deciphered the morse code?

Kyle Simmons


Kyle Simmons commented…

Yes... is reads "BNI 07/05/09"... but I can't figure that out in relation to "The beginning is the end is the beginning"... any help?

M Smith


M Smith commented…

apparently it is BNA 07/03/09, and BNA is the airport code for nashvegas...

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