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Best—and Worst—Album Covers

Our list of our favorite albums of 2009 (so far) won't be up until tomorrow, but in the meantime: What about album covers? The AOL radio blog has helpfully gathered their favorites—and, more amusingly, their least favorite. What are your favorite album covers of the year? Chime in with your answers in the comments. And remember: links are encouraged ...





jpenico commented…

I don't really agree with them. Animal Collective and Yeah Yeah Yeahs should be higher on the list. In fact, there are at least two on their "Worst of 2009" list that I think should be on this one (the U2 and Empire of The Sun covers.) I know I am biased, but this one should be up there, too. Invisible Creature does a great job http://www.invisiblecreature.c...

Travis Mamone


Travis Mamone commented…

Yeah, the cover for Brooke Hogan's new album is pretty lame. It looks like one of those bad air brush t-shirts you see at a mall kiosk.

Ashley Emert


Ashley Emert commented…

You beat me to it, Travis! I was going to say I'm pretty sure I've seen that air-brushed on a T-shirt sold at the flea market.



Nate commented…

I disagree with them over the U2 cover. I really liked the minimalist style. They could have done much worse (Zooropa, anyone?).



Roren commented…

AOL still exists?

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