Chinese Hospital Offering Half-Price Abortions

A hospital in China is offering a 50% discount to students who get an abortion if they show their ID. Saying that "students are our future," the ad posted by the hospital suggests that the procedure is completely mild and then the students can "do what they want" afterwards ...





Lydia commented…

I think the part of that ad that was the most disturbing to me was when it stated, "Abortion surgeries...won't hurt, it's quick, and you can do what you want afterward, it won't affect your studies or your work."

They are proposing to students that abortion is a small decision that doesn't have any affect on outside life.

Regardless of whether you're pro-life or pro-choice, I think most of us know people who have had abortions, and let's be real here, there are definite effects that result from it.

The hospital conducting the sale needs to stop lying, and start educating their prospective adolescent clients the truth about the deep affects that could arise out of having an abortion.

I guess it's true...big business has taken on a whole new meaning; first stop, the local department store, next stop, the bodies and conscious of sixteen-year-old girls in China.


Bad Waffle commented…

wow, this is disturbing. Thanks for bringing this truth out.

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