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Ugandan Bill Puts Homosexuals in Prison

A new bill before the Ugandan parliament makes it a crime to be a homosexual in the nation, putting openly gay people in prison for 7 years and even executing them for being HIV positive. The bill has elicited strong condemnation from leaders around the world ...




Guest commented…

I suppose you could find a significant amount of people who would say that no-fault divorce harms marriage's sanctity, but I think you'd be hard pressed to get the majority of those people to say that divorce should be illegal...if that were the case then some kind of legislation would be in the works, but as it stands, a good number of divorces happen because they don't want to be married anymore. so I don't think people would be really all that welcoming of a divorce bill.

and as for inventing a new right: wouldn't getting a divorce on the grounds of "irreconcilable differences" be considered inventing a new right in marriage? or really any other grounds of divorce apart from the ones outlined by Christ?

and I would speak a little more carefully when saying that homosexuals aren't involved in romantic relationships. I don't really think you have much of a leg to stand on when saying that. not to mention its pretty hurtful to them, even if you didn't mean it to be.

Layne Ransom


Layne Ransom commented…

This is horrifying. It should be horrifying to us anytime human beings kill one another, regardless of motivation, but this particular motivation just twists my guts particularly tight.

I hope my guts twist themselves into awful knots anytime I hear of human being killing one another. Desensitization is a terrible thing. Agh.



Travis commented…

this is kinda "hitlerish"

Philip Becker


Philip Becker commented…

No No! I meant "government recognized romantic relationship" is not what marriage is. I never meant any one was or wasn't in a romantic relationship.

"and as for inventing a new right: wouldn't getting a divorce on the grounds of "irreconcilable differences" be considered inventing a new right in marriage?"
YES. No-fault divorce was a terrible idea. I see why they thought to introduce it, but in retrospect it has hurt marriage severly, and paved the way for our modern culture's idea that marriage is about romance, and not about a love-commitment as the foundation for forming a family. The commitment-part and the making-babies-part are both important to why marriages exist.



steve commented…

Under this bill, not only can you go to jail and sentenced to death for being gay, but if you know of someone who's gay and don't turn them in - you can go to jail for "supporting" a gay person. To top it off, the regime that is backing this "agenda" is being supported via money from the US Government and through religious leaders that have been seeking financial help from churches here in the US - Saddleback Church, home of The Purpose Driven Life, has hosted the pastor that is pushing this law through and yet Rick Warren feels its not his place to speak out against the policy

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