Protesting For ... Tech?

Protests have been all over the news in the last year. In fact, Time magazine's person of the year was even "The Protester." So it makes sense that protests have spread to China ... but it doesn't make sense that protests and a near-riot happened at an Apple Store because of a iPhone 4S delay ...


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micha75 commented…

Interesting isn't it, that the people here (I live and work in Beijing) are so concerned about their i-rights... There are posters everywhere in the City , new this month, stating "Patriotism , innovation, Inclusiveness, Virtue"as the Beijing Spirit. Meaning as much as buy more Chinese brands, we try to innovate but still need a lot of smart people who studied in the West to do that, we try to include everyone who want to join the party, and please be morevirtuousin traffic..

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