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If You Hate Your Servers, Rejoice

If you often go to a restaurant and think "If only I could call on my server like I call on my dog," then Applebee's in the place for you. The chain's restaurants in central Florida are experimenting with a new plan that allows diners to call their servers via a button at the table that makes a server's watch buzz. We assume the version 2.0 of the plan includes shock collars ...




JakeD commented…

I'm from Lakeland, and the Applebee's here have had that system for about 2 years. I just assumed that all Applebee's had that. It's not as inhumane as it sounds. Everyone was very tentative about using the system at first, but the waitresses always encourage you to press the button when you need anything.

Merissa Wynn Pennington


Merissa Wynn Pennington commented…

they've been doing that to nurses for years. except we call them call lights.


Beth commented…

in south korea, they have this system down pat. there is a buzzer on the table and when hit the buzzer, the table number appears on a screen so that the server knows where to go. no big deal.

Lee J. Yi


Lee J. Yi commented…

They're not experimenting. They've been doing this for years. Every Korean restaurant in Los Angeles has this system, too.

Aaron Brassea


Aaron Brassea commented…

who calls their dog with a buzzing watch? that's more like how you call dick tracey.

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