Is Bacon in Ice Cream a Good Idea?

According to some reports, Burger King is testing a new product in a few markets: the bacon sundae, which features ice cream, hot fudge and lots of bacon. This is either a great idea or the exact moment historians will point to one day when asked when the bacon phenomenon jumped the shark ...




Anonymous commented…

Well Burger King, if your intentions where to kill us while stuffing us with the most original possible, then my hat is off to you. Bravo!



Laura commented…

And people are worried about the increase in obesity in America? I wonder why...

Christopher Perry


Christopher Perry commented…

To late, Burger Kind. Our local homemade ice cream shop had bacon ice cream last year. Good for the first three or four licks, interesting for the next two, then it pretty much goes it the trash, or get's passed around ("Hey, try this. It's great.").


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