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On this week's show, we talk to actor Dermot Mulroney about his new film, Trade of Innocents, a gripping story about infiltrating the sex slave trade in Southeast Asia and freeing its young victims. We also talk to Eric Owyoung of Future of Forestry, one of our favorite bands who has just released their new album, Young Man Follow. Also making appearances this week: Danny Bonaduce, Stan Van Gundy, Sean Connery, a new Calvin segment and Jesse's rope swing story.

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Trade of Innocents Trailer

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Future of Forestry

Go behind the scenes of the making of Future of Forestry's new album, "Young Man Follow."
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Dermot Mulroney in Trade of Innocents

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Notable Jokes & Runs

21:39 - Maya's slice sends Calvin spiraling, as he muses that Danny Bonaduce should open up a sushi restaurant called "Bonaduce Sushi" or just "Bonasushi, then does an impression of Sean Connery saying "Bonaduce Sushi." Jesse tells Calvin that his suggestions are ridiculous because Sean Connery is clearly a steak man.

51:46 - Jesse tells a story about swinging on a rope swing while a professor is giving a lecture.

56:20 - Calvin tells a story about his encounters with Busta Rhymes and Iggy Pop in a hotel in Boston.

Notable Guest Moments

32:46 - Introduction to Dermot Mulroney.

41:30 - Introduction to Future of Forestry.

Other Notable Moments

2:22 - They reveal what they did to the guy who suggested Jon Acuff should replace Cameron. Jesse laughs diabolically.

12:44 - Jesse's slice about an Onion story on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad being misunderstood by the Iranian newspaper Fars.

16:46 - Cameron interrupts Maya's slice to tell a story about how one of his pictures of J.J. Redick and Stan Van Gundy eating lunch together got picked up by local news.

21:10 - Maya's slice about a fan who gnawed on Danny Bonaduce's cheek at a meet-and-greet in Las Vegas.

22:57 - Maya's slice resumes after Calvin’s run of puns ends.

26:41 - Calvin's slice about San Jose, Costa Rica's first street signs being installed this year.

48:29 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What was the best, worst, or most awkward advice you ever got?"

63:13 Outro: "It is all spammed up, from Nigerian princes offering him money for his signature. Ahahahaha!" - Jesse

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Question of the Week

Tell us your best celebrity encounter stories.

From a fan biting Danny Bonaduce's face to Calvin's elevator ride with Busta Rhymes, we've all had a celebrity encounter. So this week we want to hear your best celebrity encounter story.



Jacob_no_s commented…

I saw Barry Sanders at the St. Louis airport about 15 years ago - I believe it was shortly after he retired. I was wearing my Oklahoma State T-shirt. I walked by, asked if I could shake his hand (and did) and he complemented me on my shirt. Best running back ever to play the game...


Fins commented…

I work at a hotel during the night shift in a major metropolitan area and see a lot of celebs coming and going, and for the most part they don't impress me much. One night that all changed when we saw Larry Thomas, also known as the Soup Nazi. He wasn't staying at our hotel, but he was shooting a few scenes in one of our rooms for a movie that was being shot locally. My coworker thought it would be a great idea to say "No room for you!" as he walked in one night, because I'm sure he never gets things like that. I was completely embarrassed but thankfully he didn't hear her. He's the only guy I've been tempted to ask for a picture with, but I never asked because I hate when all the other employees go gaga for our famous guests.



MacKenzie commented…

I worked at Barnes & Noble cafe for a couple summers. One summer, Ellen Page was shooting a film in a small town near the store. She had been in before and my coworkers couldn't stop talking about it. One night, just before we closed, she ordered a small drink and gave a 50 cent tip. For a $2.00 drink, I consider that to be a nice tip, however my coworker that night thought differently. She turned to me, and in front of the customer (Ellen Page) said, "Look, a whole 50 cents!" Ms. Page clearly felt bad and began rooting through her purse for me. After she left, my coworker turned to me and asked, "Wait. Was that that one girl? The one from Juno?"

The next summer, Rick Springfield was playing a show in town. He came in with his girlfriend and demanded oatmeal. When we explained we didn't have any, he got upset but bought a couple of drinks. His girlfriend liked it so much, he cam back to order another one. My coworker that day could barely contain her excitement.

Scott Reyes


Scott Reyes commented…

My wife and I were leaving church a few Sundays ago. She was pointing out different men's clothing that she liked when she made a remark that she liked, but said I would most likely find to feminine. We then noticed it was Brian Littrell of Backstreet Boys fame. Fortunately we were in our car and he did not hear her.


Ryan Etheridge commented…

So I'm a few weeks behind following the podcast; I like to stay relevant.

During college, we decided to take a road trip to New York City. We left our hostel one morning and were crossing Times Square. We came to the entrance of some posh hotel with ornatecolumnsand a pair of blacklimousinesout front. Who walks out but two huge Grizz and Dot-Com looking guys and none other than Don King, in all his wild, grey haired glory.

Walking a few paces ahead, my friend sticks her finger a foot from his face and says, "Oh my God, it's Don Johnson!"

Don King's bodyguards fall out laughing. He grabs his belly, leans back and let's out a loud and low "Woooooooo! Ha ha!" We hurry out of their, laughing, trying to explain to our friend why everything went down how it did.

Don King wishes he could pull off a white suit and tshirt.

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