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On this week's podcast, David Leonard and Leslie Jordan—better known as All Sons and Daughters —stop by for an amazing in-studio performance. They actually performed five songs for us and we filmed them all. Plus, we talk to Jeff Pishney of Love Modesto, an organization that is demonstrating kindness, meeting needs and impacting lives with the love of Jesus. And if you follow us on Twitter, you know that the really big news this week centers around our newfound obsession with John Tesh and his agreement to appear on the podcast, so yeah, we talk quite a bit about that. We also read a few more #TESHsays tweets from the man himself and our favorites from the ones you came up with last week!

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All Sons & Daughters "Reason To Sing" at RELEVANT

All Sons & Daughters "Spirit Speaks" at RELEVANT

All Sons & Daughters "All Praise To You" at RELEVANT

All Sons & Daughters "Wake Up" at RELEVANT

All Sons & Daughters "Hear The Sound" at RELEVANT

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Notable Jokes & Runs

1:35 - Cameron explains the John Tesh humor from last week's episode. They talk about a tweet from one of the listeners that elicited a response from Tesh himself, which eventually led to Tesh being on next week's podcast.

13:02 - Cameron talks about Metta World Peace's Twitter account, and they briefly discuss other B-list celebrities' Twitter feeds.

28:27 - Calvin comes up with an extemporaneous list of new Olympic events based on British stereotypes.

Notable Guest Moments

36:08 - Introduction to All Sons & Daughters.

37:02 - All Sons & Daughters performs "Hear the Sound".

41:49 - Introduction to Jeff Pishney of Love Modesto.

48:21 - Cameron talks more about the All Sons & Daughters shoot in the Relevant studios.

49:45 - All Sons & Daughters performs "Wake Up".

Other Notable Moments

16:40 - Calvin announces that Ryan Anderson will be on the podcast.

17:40 - Cameron thanks an anonymous listener who sent them a package of slide whistles.

23:13 - Jesse's slice about buses taking athletes to the London Olympics. He also talks about why he doesn't like the Olympics, and gives a list of ways to improve the event.

29:20 - Maya's slice about the town of Talkeetna, Alaska, where a cat has been mayor for its entire life. Jesse makes numerous cat-related puns.

32:28 - Calvin's slice about 711's new mashed potato dispenser.

56:03 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What is your best '#TESHsays'?" They also read some actual #TESHsays tweets.

65:24 Outro: "No one watches swimming for the fun of it. No one." - Jesse

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Question of the Week

What question do you want us to ask John Tesh?

Listeners, you made it happen. We said we wanted to get John Tesh on the podcast so you inundated his Twitter feed with requests until there was no choice but for The Tesh to oblige. Now, the crew has found itself in the awkward position of not knowing what to ask The Tesh. So once again, we need your help. Send us the questions that you want us to ask him when he appears on next week's show. We'll use our favorites to engage in a conversation with The Tesh that is sure to push the boundaries of professional journalism.


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