Andy Stanley

This week we talk to author and pastor Andy Stanley about leadership and business principles as they apply to running a church. Andy knows a lot about churches considering he pastors the second largest one in the U.S. and has just written a new book about creating them. We also introduce you to one of our favorite new indie-folk bands, Wayfarer. The guys play "repurposed hymns and spiritual songs" and perform a live Christmas song for us. Plus, we give Cameron advice for getting hired by the Magic, introduce you to the world of mantyhose, and recap your top signs that the world is about to end.

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Andy Stanley -- Deep & Wide book trailer

Check out Andy's new book here

Wayfarer - "The River" Album Teaser

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Notable Jokes & Runs

Notable Guest Moments

31:11 - Introduction to Andy Stanley.

40:50 - Introduction to Wayfarer.

Other Notable Moments

8:15 - Jesse's slice about the new baby name, Hashtag.

9:13 - Jesse's other slice about the rise of man-ty hose and brosiery.

10:57 - Cameron talks about seeing a Magic game from the owners' seats, overhearing players' conversations, and being in photos taken of the game.

18:57 - Maya's slice about a Florida company that sells bacon-scented shaving cream, lip balm, popcorn, mayonnaise, and salt.

21:31 - Calvin's "You Choose the Slice": ziplines vs. man survives bad date.

25:27 - Cameron has his own slice! About a voicemail which narrates a fight resulting from a traffic accident. They play part of the recording.

45:37 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What are the top 5 signs that the end of the world is nigh?"

60:05 Outro: "You do not go head to head with Ke$ha." - Jesse

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Question of the Week

What are you excited to give this Christmas?

A few weeks ago we asked you what you wanted to get for Christmas, but this week we want to flip the tables and hear what you're excited to give for Christmas. And to prove that giving is more fun than receiving, we're going to pick a few of our favorite ideas and send you a copy of Wayfarer's The River EP on vinyl. So get yourself in the spirit of giving and send us your best ideas!


Fred Miller


Fred Miller commented…

The coolest gift I gave to my brother. He's a lover of philosophy, so I went shopping at a used book store to find something cool. And I found an autographed, first edition of a rare Bertrand Russell book.

in other news...

My wife and I are giving each other tattoos for our first christmas as a married couple.

To clarify, I wont be actually 'giving' her a tattoo, but paying for someone to do it.

Then we're going to see sigur ros in chicago for our first anniversary.

Douglas Ogden


Douglas Ogden commented…

I bought my wife a 2013 planner, but I'm going through it and writing special notes to her on random days throughout the whole year.

matt cavano


matt cavano commented…

After weeks of struggling to get a special Christmas present for my wonderful mother (who never asks for anything), the answer suddenly became clear to me- I should buy her a goat! It was so obvious! Well, to be more specific I am buying a goat on her behalf. You see, OXFAM America is an international relief group through which you can purchase farm animals like goats, pigs, cows, and even honey bees to be gifted to impoverished communities across the globe. So instead of another scented candle to store under the bathroom sink, my mom will get a card from OXFAM showing the brand new goat a family-in-need received on her behalf. Plus, it's always fun to tell others you bought your mom a goat.

Nico Boesten


Nico Boesten commented…

Dudes, the Youtube video of the play-by-play answering machine message of the guy getting poned by the 4 old ladies has changed my life. For those interested in the video, here it is:



Praja commented…

We read out , CNN ran a story this on Nov, 2012 about the saga of Charles and Andy Stanley, two preaching giants who have settled on two different paths in doing the Lord’s work. Its was amazing work.

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