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This week on the show we have an incredible in-studio performance by Audrey Assad. She recently put out a new album and came by the studio to play a few of her favorite songs for us. Plus, we hear from Father James Martin about Easter and the cast debates the origins of nicknames.

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Notable Jokes & Runs

3:13 - Cameron asks Joy what last name she wants to go by on the podcast. Joy tells the story of when she went to get her name legally changed, and how she accidentally almost changed her husband's name.

4:59 - A discussion about Friends, and whether or not it holds up.

5:34 - Eddie wishes he could change his name. They discuss some of the possibilities he could use, and what are and are not acceptable times in your life to change your name.

8:29 - Jeremiah reveals that he used to be called Miah for half of his life.

16:16 - Jesse tells the story of his burrito exploding at an airport gate on his way back home from SXSW.

36:33 - In Case You Missed It: The Simpsons' prediction of Donald Trump as president, the cancellation of Of Kings and Prophets after two episodes, a trailer for Ben Hur, Kanye teaming up with Mumfort & Sons and Ellie Goulding for an album to fight poverty, etc.

51:56 - Jesse provokes a debate about whether or not Weezer is one of the more influential bands to current musicians. This morphs into a discussion about swing dancing and skanking in the '90s.

82:45 - Eddie goes off on a tangent about wanting to obsessively investigate how Bombas does seamless toes. Jesse jokes about him sending letters cut out from magazines.

Notable Guest Moments

85:30 - Introduction to Audrey Assad.

86:01 - Audrey Assad introduces "Even Unto Death".

87:04 - Audrey Assad performs "Even Unto Death".

32:12 - Introduction to Father James Martin.

104:09 - Cameron and Jeremiah talk about Audrey Assad recording in their studios.

105:03 - Audrey Assad introduces "Oh, The Deep, Deep Love of Jesus".

105:55 - Audrey Assad performs "Oh, The Deep, Deep Love of Jesus".

Other Notable Moments

13:08 - Cameron and Jesse recap their trip to Austin for SXSW.

18:33 - More discussion of SXSW, featuring the comedy showcase, worship night, etc.

25:59 - Cameron gives an update on his birthday Charity Water campaign, including Cohen's participation in it.

29:29 - They recap Tyler Perry's The Passion.

35:48 - A discussion of Trump supporters. Joy talks about being mistaken for one in a hardware store.

56:18 - Jesse's slice about a radio station who gave someone concert tickets to every country show in their town for getting a back tattoo of Donald Trump's face.

59:01 - Jesse's second slice, about a British research vessel that was named Boaty McBoatface via popular vote.

62:33 - Joy's slice about Iceland Air offering a Stopover Buddy for anyone who makes a 7 day stopover in the country.

68:21 - Eddie's slice about a Singapore study about what makes a life well-lived, showing that people who live in cities are less happy, and people who live near lots of friends are happier. Ie, the "savannah theory".

72:23 - Jesse's third slice, about studies showing that people have become more anxious over recent history, and that millennials have the highest rate of mass anxiety, due to fewer communal lifestyles. This, and Eddie's slice, leads to an in-depth discussion of meaningful lives and connection with friends and family.

109:11 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What should be the plot of the upcoming Where’s Waldo: Origins movie?"

115:00 - Discussion of this week's Editorial Question of the Week.

Tagline - "Just uploaded some new pics on Myspace and freshened up the top eight, so check it out. Anyway, I forgot the story I was telling."

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Question of the Week

What should Joy name her car?

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Samanalie commented…

Joy, the last name thing sounds like a no-brainer... Joy Eggreed of course!

And for your car, The Joy&Matt-zda




owensdad commented…

I think the name of you car should be a play on your maiden name, so: Rich & Eggy

Jason Adams


Jason Adams commented…

Traded for a Toyota: Joy Toy
Traded for a Jeep: Joy by Four

On crowdsourcing names...

When I was in college, I worked at a summer camp. Among the various camp sessions we offered, one was in conjunction with a state chapter of the American Diabetic Association and was specifically for children with diabetes.

During those two weeks of camp, medical staff kept close tabs on campers' blood sugar. A high blood sugar reading meant that the kid being tested had to go urinate in a cup and then dip a test strip in the urine to check ketone levels. With 150 kids having their blood sugar tested multiple times per day, urinating in a cup was a common occurrence.

One summer, the ADA leadership decided to hold a contest to come up with a more exciting name than simply "ADA Summer Camp." There were no parameters, just a general solicitation of ideas. Kids began discussing ideas among themselves, and most ended up agreeing to submit the same suggestion.

At the end of the week, the overwhelming winner was "Camp Pee-In-A-Cup." Coming in a distant second was "Camp Ketone."

Needless to say, the name of the camp remained "ADA Summer Camp."

gRegor Morrill


gRegor Morrill commented…

Car name: Love and Stick Shift Now.

Kellie Jacobsen


Kellie Jacobsen commented…

I've loved Audrey's music since I heard her on Chris tomlin's album in the song Winter Snow-captivating. So grateful for what she shared about the video of the ISIS beheading causing her to reflect on her own faith. May even ISIS fighters encounter the deep deep love of Jesus . . .

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