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This week we talk to novelist and short story writer, Karen Russell. She is a Pulitzer Prize finalist, a New York Times best seller and author of the new book, Vampires in the Lemon Grove. We also spotlight a great new indie-rock band, Telekinesis. Crazy, but the whole band is just one guy. And it wouldn't be a typical podcast without calling the next hipster trend, planning a RELEVANT wedding and watching television for dogs.

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Telekinesis - Ghosts and Creatures

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Notable Jokes & Runs

2:02 - Calvin talks about his beard-trimming mishap. Eddie and Jesse talk about why they have facial hair (Jesse: laziness, Eddie: a face resembling his daughter). Chad talks about his wife's reaction to a beard error.

7:23 - They talk about Bob Goff's cabin retreat, suggesting that tickle fights occur there. This is the origin of the nickname "Bob Goff's Tickle Shack", though it doesn't appear in this episode.

8:10 - Chad talks about auditioning for the "This is NPR" radio voice.

9:04 - Calvin does an impression of Christopher Walken saying "This is NPR".

9:54 - Jesse suggests inserting punctuation, a la Ron Burgundy. "This is NPR?"

10:16 - Calvin does a James Blunt impression.

17:32 - Eddie and Jesse talk about doing announcements at their churches, and other awkward church moments.

20:02 - Eddie talks about his tattoo, inspired by his grandmother.

20:52 - Jesse talks about reading the Apostle's Creed at his church, and continue the talk about awkward and funny events at churches, as well as weddings.

22:53 - Eddie talks about anxiety over officiating weddings, and talks about his own wedding. This is the origin of the idea of the Relevant Podcast Wedding.

63:25 - Eddie begins a conversation about candy. This is the origin of Candy Talk.

Notable Guest Moments

37:08 - Introduction to Karen Russel.

46:40 - Introduction to Telekinesis.

Other Notable Moments

0:43 - Chad guest-hosts for Cameron.

11:42 - A discussion of ghosts leads to Jesse's story about a hilarious Twitter reaction to a movie review of Safe Haven involving the movie Argo.

13:58 - Eddie predicts that opera will be the next hipster / indie music trend.

24:26 - Jesse's slice about a new DirectTV channel, Dog TV.

27:05 - Calvin's slice about Pope Francis urging priests to buy less flashy cars. He gives a list of cars he thinks should be pre-approved for priests to drive.

31:24 - Eddie's slice about four things modern men should be able to do.

54:42 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What was your craziest July 4th / firework story?"

68:31 Outro: "Call the Secretary of Health; have him draft me a certificate." - Jesse

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Question of the Week

What is the most awkward or cringeworthy wedding moment you've ever seen?

It's summer wedding season, so this week we want to know, what is the most awkward or cringeworthy wedding moment you've ever seen or been a part of?


Dustin Brady


Dustin Brady commented…

I just typed in "" and this page popped up. Where can I go to talk Gushers?



Jacob commented…

I know I'm late to the party, but the most cringe worthy moment at any wedding I've ever been to was when the bride and groom read Scripture passages to each other. Nothing wrong with that at face value. The part that made me cringe (and I was a grooms man, so I had to keep it inside) was when the bride read 1 Corinthians 13 to the groom. Apart from being an overly used and misapplied chapters in weddings, the cringe-worthy part was when she changed ALL of the "love is" parts to the groom's name. So instead of "Love is patient, Love is kind," it was "Mike is patient, Mike is kind" (changed his name). Yea, that speaks for itself.

Dan Caulfield


Dan Caulfield commented…

In a last minute attempt to make my wife and I's first dance more memorable, my Father-In-Law grabbed a fire extinguisher and shot a plume of white smoke at us as we began to dance (I can only assume he was going for the dry ice effect).

People laughed and clapped, expecting him to now stop... he didn't. He proceeded to empty the contents of the fire extinguisher at us throughout the entirety of the song (completely muffling the sound). My wife and I just kept dancing and laughing (and maybe crying inside).

It was definitely memorable, I'll give him that.

Jake Martin


Jake Martin commented…

Awkward Wedding Moment: So two years ago, at MY wedding, this awkward moment happened. We had just been married and our officiant was announcing us when a friend of my mother in law (and by "friend" I mean former employer from before my wife was born) gets up with his iPhone and blocks us from exiting to take a picture. The photographers we hired hired to capture this special moment had to stand aside and wait awkwardly with the rest of us.

Awkward Wedding Request: So some really good friends of mine are getting married this October and they have a bit of a predicament. They don't have an officiant. His pastors are in California, hers are in Texas, and the wedding is in Arkansas. I loved the idea of having the Relevant team hijack the wedding because these friends actually introduced me to your print magazine in 2009. As the DJ I have the power to surrender the dance floor to you guys, but let me know if anyone is actually serious enough about this to come out to Arkansas and help my friends get married. Tweet me please!

Hammer bhuja


Hammer bhuja commented…

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