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This week we talk to the one and only Ben Folds of legendary rock band Ben Folds Five. After an 11-year hiatus, the band is back with a great new record and perspective on music and touring. Also, our longtime British podcast correspondent, Lloyd Kinsley, joins us in-studio for a game of royal proportion. And if that wasn't enough, we get another listener on the phone, break down Arnold Schwarzenegger's career options and develop a new marketing tagline for bolo ties.

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Ben Folds Five Performs "Do It Anyway" on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Check out the band's new album, "The Sound of the Life of the Mind" here

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Notable Jokes & Runs

7:36 - They make fun of Jesse's only Schwarzenegger phrase, and try to decide what it means. Also, they discuss what Arnold's presidency would look like, and how he would build a bridge over the fiscal cliff.

61:17 - Cameron tells a story about a music teacher wearing a bolo tie. They joke that the perfect ad campaign for bolo ties would be the slogan "YOLO".

Notable Guest Moments

31:42 - Introduction to Ben Folds.

42:25 - Lloyd Kinsley joins the podcast.

44:42 - Jesse's new game, "Her Majesty's Honourable Showcase of Known Knowledge". Trivia about the two nations' royal couples: Kate and William of England, and Kanye and Kim Kardashian. Lloyd plays against Calvin.

65:54 - Cameron introduces the new segment with Carl Noelle, and talks about the blog mention that got his attention.

67:18 - Cameron welcomes listener Carl Noelle, who wrote a blog post about his first listening experiences with the podcast.

Other Notable Moments

12:05 - They make fun of Jesse's "combined slice", and make lots of jokes about Taco Bell and the #YOLO hashtag.

14:19 — Jesse's slice about a swimmer wearing a custom Taco Bell speedo.

15:55 - Jesse's other slice about Denny's new Hobbit movie inspired menu, and a Youtube video review that it inspired.

19:10 - Maya's slice about hedgehog cheerleaders at the Puppy Superbowl.

22:17 - Cameron talks about Calvin's slice that got cut from the previous episode.

24:56 - Calvin's slice about a Florida man who was not allowed to put ketchup on a Philly cheesesteak at Subway. Calvin issues a call out to ketchup (and Ke$ha) to grow up.

59:36 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What are your New Year's resolutions?"

78:25 Outro: "Get out, you fools, the bridge is out!" - Jesse

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Question of the Week

What should we do to improve this podcast?

Over the past 7 years, the RELEVANT Podcast has found a formula that (apparently) works, leading us to (mostly) stick with the same weekly routine. But due to our conversation with podcast listener Karl Noelle (check out his blog post here), we got thinking about what we could do to make this podcast good (or better, if you'd rather us use that word). So let's go. We want to hear your suggestions for how we could improve our podcast.




Eric commented…

Haven't evolved since 2006? You went from 10,000 downloads to 250,000 a week? #moreworkforSnavely has helped this podcast become #moreawesomebecauseofSnavely . I'm loving the direction of the podcast, with the perfect mix of nonsense that applies to my life (I now know the difference between Kate M. and Kim K.) and the stuff that doesn't matter at all like Blood: Water Mission.... wait... maybe I got that one backwards... That's why I like it! I'm confused and it's great!

Samuel Miranda


Samuel Miranda commented…

Well first off perfection cannot evolve! I like the hour plus podcasts. I listen to them while I work, and it gets me through my day and keeps me entertained and encouraged. You guys are funny and inspiring, keep up the good work and do not let negative listeners drag you down. #bolo?yolo!

Peter Weida


Peter Weida commented…

I love the podcast. Especially the rambo segments, they make me laugh so hard I can't breath.

Just wish like others that I could go back and download old podcasts to catch up on the episodes I missed.

I really enjoy the live performances and miss being able to download them separately from the show, though I know that's probably more work for snavely...

Keep up the great work guys!

David Longley


David Longley commented…

So, I'm only about 20 minutes in but have to share a story inspired by Calvin's slice. We were vacationing with friends in the Outer Banks of NC a few years back when we discovered this amazing little Italian place just a few miles away. We found ourselves eating there every day. Now, these were actual Italians who owned and operated this place, most of which played the role with cigarettes rolled up in their white t-shirt sleeves etc. On our last day there, my wife ordered a meatball sub (Delicious, by the way.) with mayonnaise. The guy taking the order stopped and stared at her for a long, awkward moment before mimicking the application of imaginary sauce to an imaginary sub while turning his face away from the clearly repulsive notion. He said, "I put it on like 'dis." Hee hee hee. We still talk about it and still want to go back. By the way, I still enjoy a ketchup only dog every now and then.

mark napior


mark napior commented…

First off, I love the podcasts, and have been a listener since 2005 or 2006 and I've been part of the 10% for even longer. I'm in sales and spend a lot of time driving all over California, and the podcasts help me not stress when I'm stuck in traffic. And if I am almost home but the podcast isn't quite over, I have been known to take the slightly longer way home or wish for more red lights, so that I can finish the podcast all the way to the end.

Special guests for the entire podcast, like Jon Acuff, Lloyd Kinsley and Adam Smith are great. More of that please. Extended interviews like John Tesh are awesome (one of the best podcasts ever by the way.) Deeper interviews. The Gungor interview, where they spoke about their struggles with miscarriage was incredible and very moving for my wife and I, as we were dealing with similar pregnancy complications.

My biggest criticism (sorry Jesse and Adam) is Rambo of the week. Too long, too outrageous and not that funny anymore. Should be cut, or at least shortened in their segments.

How about talking about books and faith more often. Maybe things that you all are reading, learning, how you're being challenged spiritually etc.

I think you need a J.R.R. Tolkien/fantasy/sci-fi consultant since Hambone left.

Thank you for being awesome, real leaders and a voice as Christians in your industry.

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