Bob Goff

This week, author, attorney, humanitarian and all-around legendary guy Bob Goff joins us to tell some incredible stories and to talk about his New York Times bestseller, Love Does. It's a fascinating conversation that will cause you to view life and love in completely new ways. Also this week, Calvin introduces a new member of his face and a monkey goes rogue in Tampa. Again.

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Bob Goff Talking About 'Love Does'

Bob Goff says thanks for making his book, "Love Does," a New York Times Best-Seller

Video Power Talk

Here's the full video (we cut it way down on the podcast)!


The 'Stache
The Shirtless Sobbing Guy

After he had largely stopped sobbing. And put on his shirt.

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Notable Jokes & Runs

1:00 - A discussion of Calvin's new mustache. Jokes about Reno 911 and Paul Blart. They suggest renaming the podcast to "The Relevant Mustache".

5:58 - Jesse talks about the Falconer page on Wikipedia.

70:00 - Jesse briefly retells the story about using an alligator claw back-scratcher through his t-shirt to purchase a soda.

73:56 - Cameron briefly retells the story of the shirtless sobbing guy.

Notable Guest Moments

34:04 - Introduction to Bob Goff.

47:58 - Bob Goff talks about putting his phone number in his book.

53:10 - Bob Goff talks about his marriage strategy of not talking about things with his wife.

Other Notable Moments

6:40 - A discussion about how inspiring Bob Goff is. Chad calls him "Tesh-esque".

16:33 - Jesse's slice about a robot throwing the first pitch for the Detroit Tigers.

18:17 - Maya's slice about a monkey named Asia that's been loose in Tampa for three and a half years.

23:30 - Cameron's slice about the leader singer of Nickelback getting engaged to Avril Lavigne.

24:50 - Maya resumes her slice about the monkey loose in Tampa and the animal trapper.

27:00 - Calvin's slice about his mustache, and also about a can of fresh air from Paris.

66:56 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What are your favorite podcast moments of the last seven years?"

78:50 - Discussion of this week's Editorial Question of the Week.

81:30 Outro: "When you got a mustache, you go the sweetest route possible." - Jesse

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Question of the Week

What were your craziest stories from this summer?

At the beginning of the summer we asked you what your plans were for the summer. And now that summer is over, we want to know what happened. Tell us your best and craziest stories from the past few months!