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Derek Webb

This week we talk to one of our friends and musical favorites, singer/songwriter Derek Webb. Derek's new album, I Was Wrong, I'm Sorry and I Love You, just came out, and if you haven't heard it yet, you can stream it right now over at The Drop (and then you should go buy it). We also go inside the brand new issue of RELEVANT, featuring Joel Houston of Hillsong United, Steve Carell, Gungor, Over the Rhine and so much more. Plus, the crew gets an education on Larping, the most popular Yahoo question searches and the upcoming cast of Dancing With the Stars. Note: these are not topics to bring up on a first date.

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Derek Webb, "I Was Wrong, I'm Sorry & I Love You"

Larping Fail #1

Nerd Nails Fat Kid In Throat With Nunchucks

Larping Fail #2

LARP Sparta Kick

Larping Fail #3

Lightning Bolt!

Larping Fail #4

The sting of Thor's Mighty Hammer!


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Episode Wiki

Notable Jokes & Runs

2:58 - Jokes about Derek Webb's new album title, and burning CDs on Dell computers. Tyler talks about telling Webb's publicist that he loves her.

6:48 - Eddie and Calvin talk about their bad experiences with first grade teachers. Calvin claims he has gender issues. #firstgradeeddie

9:28 - Jesse's attempt to discuss fantasy football derails into a discussion about LARPing (live action role playing).

13:34 - Tyler talks about a picnic date in high school, for which he made a salad from garden vegetables, which was ruined by LARPers.

19:32 - Chad talks about interviewing Rebecca St. James a while back, when he had a crush on her.

Notable Guest Moments

37:28 - Introduction to Derek Webb.

Other Notable Moments

23:05 - Jesse's slice about questions millennials ask on search engines that they're afraid to ask in real life.

27:22 - Eddie's slice on Google's Project M&M, studying how much candy employees are eating. A sort of mini-episode of Candy Talk, really.

32:48 - Tyler's slice about a giant crocodile that held a kayaker hostage in Australia.

51:38 - Overview of the new issue of Relevant. Joel Huston of Hillsong United, Steve Carrell, Alan Chambers, Over the Rhine, cynical Christians, overused Christian phrases, breaking addiction, Duck Dynasty.

64:06 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What word would you like added to the dictionary?"

67:13 - @damonridesbikes turns the cast members' names into nouns and verbs for use in conversation.

71:17 - The group talks about the new Dancing with the Stars lineup.

78:50 Outro: "You could spend an afternoon watching LARPing videos on Youtube. I know from experience, dude." - Jesse

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Question of the Week

What would your Dancing With the Stars dream lineup be?

The lineup for the new season of Dancing With the Stars has been revealed (Snooki anyone??). So naturally it made us want to ask you, what would your Dancing With the Stars dream lineup be?

Top Comments

Scott Korin


Scott Korin commented…

A couple little things:

1. Boiling an egg is actually something that you will see different cooks do differently. My favorite way is to put the eggs in cold water under high heat. When the water boils, remove from heat, cover, and sit 9 minutes.

2. "How to twerk" searches were probably looking for the "How to twerk" viral video.

As for Dancing With the Stars, how about a Sitcom Dads edition: Bob Sagat, Allan Thicke, Tim Allen, Ed O'Neil, Damon Waynes, Ray Romano, Reginald ValJohnson.




damonridesbikes commented…

Dancing with the Podcast Hosts-All Star Edition (DWTPH-ASE) (That’ll probably be fine.)

This season of DWTPH will present an all start cast featuring, among others, Ira Glass, Teri Gross, Kai Ryssdal, and Krista Tippet. In a surprise twist Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich will actually be paired with each other.
During this season:

We find out that Krista Tippet is actually a fierce and blood thirsty competitor.

After a horrible and tragic tango accident involving a rose stem we realize that Ira Glass really does need those glasses to see.

Teri Gross can do the Charleston but not the Fox Trot. (Those are both dances, right?)

6’10’’ Kai Ryssdal is paired with a 5ft tall professional dancer and accidently steps on her.

Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich are surprising light on their feet and get a lucrative offer to remake White Christmas.



Brett replied to damonridesbikes's comment

Love us some Derek Webb - really enjoying this new album - so much so that i wrote quite possibly the strangest music album/artist review you will ever read...
Is Derek Webb actually secretly also Darkwing Duck?

Stephen Uchacz


Stephen Uchacz commented…

They could combine Dancing with the Stars with Shark Week. It could be a new show where stars that are known for the one character they played so they can't find any other work try and salvage their career. They have to train a shark like a dolphin to do a routine and then perform it on live tv.

Prayer Solanky


Prayer Solanky commented…

Dancing With The Stars Sci-Fi Edition

Darth Vadar.
Captain Kirk
Borg Queen
Starbuck (new Battlestar)
Gimli son of Glóin
An Orc

Steve Jacob


Steve Jacob commented…

Dancing with the Starbucks. Baristas battle it out on the dance floor. But the twist is that during the routine, they somehow need to work into the routine the fulfillment of the judges' coffee drink orders. "I'll take a venti half-caf pumpkin-spice machiato with soy"...

Steve Jacob


Steve Jacob commented…

Dancing with the Star-Trek geeks. This would actually combine LARP-ing with DWTS!!! Costumed teams re-enact their favorite Klingon or Romulan battle sequences with a choreographed dance routine.

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