Derek Webb of Sola-Mi

This week Derek Webb joins us to talk about his amazing new project, Sola-Mi—a group he formed with producer Josh Moore and singer Latifah Phillips. Plus, our editors go behind the scenes of our new Avett Brothers issue, we get distracted by social media pet peeves, you give us tips for sprucing up the show intro and a lot more.

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A Glimpse at the Making of Sola-Mi

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The rock-paper-scissors Robot will beat you

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Notable Jokes & Runs

0:45 - The first instance of an actual slide whistle, by Calvin.

1:07 - They talk about the Mexican white sauce that Jesse claimed existed in last week's episode. It's apparently only to be found in Virginia Beach.

10:05 - Cameron talks about how annoying it is when people tweet about exercise or travel. Also, "netiquette".

Notable Guest Moments

36:03 - Introduction to Derek Webb of Sola-Mi.

Other Notable Moments

5:01 - Cameron talks about his many houseguests and the effect they're having on their household.

7:38 - Calvin's comment about a baseball trade provokes a discussion about different sports being uninteresting to different people, and about having athletes on the podcast.

13:48 - Cameron talks about their website being broken over the weekend.

18:16 - Jesse talks about Amazon offering a Lucky Charms "Only Marshmallows" cereal.

22:22 - Jesse's slice about scientists in Japan creating a robot that can beat humans at Rock Paper Scissors.

23:30 - Jesse's second slice about knife-wielding robots used to debone chickens.

25:02 - Maya's slice about a poll about belief in aliens.

30:30 - Calvin's slice about a woman who had a milkshake thrown in her face and threw her purse, containing lots of money, at the culprits. Calvin's list of Top Five Ingredients for $2,000 milkshakes.

47:06 - Cameron and Roxy talk about the new issue of Relevant: The Avett Brothers, Mark Ruffalo, the real Jesus, foster care and adoption, food, summer reading guide, conscientious objectors, Sucre.

57:31 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "How should we spruce up the podcast intro?"

65:23 Outro: "If you're ever offered to play a game of paper-rock-scissors with a robot, I would decline." - Jesse

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Question of the Week

What are your social media pet peeves?

Foursquare check-ins flooding your Twitter stream? People posting their Klout scores? Pictures of food? We want to know which social media habits irk you the most. Post yours below, and we'll read our favorites on next week's show!

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