The Digital Age

This week we spotlight one of our favorite new worship bands, The Digital Age. Fans of the David Crowder Band might recognize these guys - and there's good reason for that - so listen to our interview with them to find out why. Plus, Jesse finds a real shark attack (not a Megalodon one), we update you on the Left Behind movie, and Cameron makes a very important announcement.

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The Digital Age - "Believe"

Find out more about the band here

The Digital Age - "All The Poor And Powerless"

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Notable Jokes & Runs

27:14 - A discussion begins about Tampa, FL ("It's a different kind of Floridian."), and people who own airboats. This leads to Eddie talking about his school being right next to the Monkey Island.

Notable Guest Moments

41:09 - Introduction to The Digital Age.

Other Notable Moments

5:14 - Jesse brings up the backlash against Cameron's comments about science fiction fans from last episode.

12:55 - A long discussion begins about the upcoming Nicholas Cage remake of Left Behind. They talk about Ashley Tisdale leaving the film, and Calvin suggests it should be called Left Behind: The Squeakquel.

21:57 - Jesse's slice about a shark attack survivor who has also survived lightning, rattlesnake bites, and monkey punches.

30:20 - Eddie's slice about a secret art installation beneath Times Square.

33:49 - Calvin's slice about a woman in England tweeting for help while trapped inside a church. He guesses what Obama, Rhianna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Justin Bieber would tweet if they were locked in a church.

52:31 - Cameron announces his sabbatical from the podcast.

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