Donald Miller

This week we talk to author, speaker, filmmaker and podcast-friend, Donald Miller. He shares his thoughts on the aftermath of Blue Like Jazz The Movie and explains his passion for the work he's currently doing with Storyline. We also talk to the editors about the new issue of RELEVANT Magazine, featuring one of our favorite bands, Phoenix, on the cover! Plus, we uncover Tyler's college freshman year bio and Jesse develops a new business strategy for Hot Pockets.

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Notable Jokes & Runs

2:55 - Jesse jokes that Don Miller's book title Blue Like Jazz refers to his denim wardrobe. "Bluejeans Like Jazz".

Notable Guest Moments

44:08 - Introduction to Donald Miller.

45:41 - Donald Miller talks about the film adaptation of his book Blue Like Jazz.

51:28 - Donald Miller tells the story of why he moved from Portland to DC.

54:17 - Donald Miller talks about Storyline.

Other Notable Moments

3:50 - Cameron removes the "interim" tag from Tyler's title. He becomes a regular cast member.

5:10 - Tyler talks about his college bio that someone on Twitter found.

11:01 - Cameron talks about his student bio for when he ran for student body president. He describes his campaign and the competition. Jesse talks about the strict journalism standards there that would only allow stories on new Subway restaurants.

16:02 - A discussion of the Great Gatsby movie.

22:18 - Jesse's slice about Amazon releasing streaming television seasons like Netflix. Amazon is letting users choose which ones the company will fund.

25:11 - Maya's slice about fast food restaurant whose menus are different in other countries. Jesse suggests the idea of Hot Pockets made to order online.

36:20 - Tyler's slice about the attempts to control the legal age of smoking. Also, discussion of health legislation and arbitrary age standards.

65:24 - Relevant Recommends: Data Romance, A Place Beyond the Pines, the app for This American Life.

71:43 - The editorial team (Cameron, Tyler, Jesse, and Stephanie) discusses the new issue of Relevant Magazine. Phoenix, the "Separation of Church and Hate", gentrification, 10 things to do this summer, annual music guide, the cast of The Office.

88:40 Outro: "Tyler Huckabee, wild card." - Jesse

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Question of the Week

What advice would you give to the you of 10 years ago?

Thanks to the internet turning up Tyler's college freshman year bio, we got thinking about the ways we've changed over the years and the things we wish we had known back in the day. So if you could go back to the you of 10 years ago and say anything, what would it be? And we're not looking for spoiler alerts (buy Google stock, etc...) but rather significant (and fun) life advice.


Brandon Fisher


Brandon Fisher commented…

I know it's not super earth-shattering advice, but I would tell my self of 10 years ago to start listening to "This American Life". I only started listening to it last year and wish I had started much longer ago. I definitely will concur with Jesse on the episode "Heretics". It is one of their best. Truly amazing story. Also, for a great recent episode, I would recommend "Dr. Gilmer and Mr. Hyde." I don't know how they uncover some of these bizarre stories, but they are amazing.



karoline replied to Brandon Fisher's comment

good for you then that there's a radio archive on (and on the app) :)



Keke commented…

I'll throw in a "stuff that's on the internet about you" story, because it's going to be the toast at my best friend's wedding this fall:
On her and her now-fiance's first date, apparently they sat on the quad at our school and googled my name. Back up about 10 years, and 13 year old me used to draw (really really terrible) pictures of elves, and then put them on the internet with her full name. After that I went to high school and completely forgot about the site. While on this date, I start getting these weird texts from her (that sound vaguely familiar) saying things like "an elf bids her final farewell to fall" or "shiel is a runaway slave". Apparently the embarrassing internet history was enough to break the ice for them and they had a great date.

The worst part was, after they told me they had found it, I realized I had no idea what the password was or the email I had at the time and had to petition the website and prove who I said I was, to be able to get on there and change my name.

For their wedding I'm drawing them as an "elven couple". I haven't drawn since I was 13. It should be awesome.

Christine Schofield


Christine Schofield commented…

Dear 19 year old Christine: Empire Records is actually a really bad movie.

Jason Luttrell


Jason Luttrell commented…

Dear 21 year-old me: You're going bald...just shave your head already - you'll be very happy with your 21st century comb over.



Praja commented…

A minister friend gave me a book called To Own a Dragon by Donald Miller, and this was superb. A also like an adaptation of Donald Miller's novel, "Blue Like Jazz".

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