Drew Holcomb

This week, singer-songwriter Drew Holcomb joins us to discuss the latest album from Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, “Souvenir.”

We also talk with author and theologian N.T. Wright about his new book, “The Day the Revolution Began,” and the importance of recognizing the power of the crucifixion on Good Friday. And Kristin Wright of Open Doors USA tells us about Christian persecution in Egypt following the Palm Sunday bombing targeting worshippers.

Hip-hop artist Propaganda joins the cast for the entire show as the gang breaks down the Pepsi commercial debacle, the “Floaty McFloatface” controversy, robots and a lot more!

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Kilgoretrout commented…

I once sold knock-off perfume business to business. I was so terrible at it they fired me. They did it by giving me what they called a "Whoppertunity." They took me to Burger King, bought me lunch, told me it wasn't working out and gave me an application to work at BK. So I guess you could say that Burger King could solve unemployment.

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