Fiction Family's Jon Foreman

This week we talk to one of our favorite artists, Jon Foreman. You might recognize him from a couple of different bands, Fiction Family and Switchfoot. Well Fiction Family has some great new music out so we decided to talk to Jon and get the scoop on the band's new album, Fiction Family Reunion. We also talk to Kay Warren (wife of Rick Warren) about her HIV and AIDS Initiative. She's doing some significant things so you'll definitely want to check this out. And of course, we get the play-by-play of Cameron's altercation with Dwight Howard during last week's Magic/Lakers game in Orlando. Dwight may have won the game, but we're pretty sure Cameron won the night. 

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Kay Warren
Cameron And Dwight

"His back is tender like his emotions!"

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Notable Jokes & Runs

3:52 - Cameron talks about a Lakers / Magic game he went to for his birthday, and witnessing Dwight Howard's return.

11:23 - They talk about the photo of Cameron taken at the Magic game.

Notable Guest Moments

37:39 - Introduction to Jon Foreman of Fiction Family.

47:34 - Introduction to Kay Warren.

Other Notable Moments

18:11 - Cameron talks about taking the staff to a trampoline arena, and Tyler injuring his tailbone.

25:32 - Relevant Recommends: Justin Timberlake, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

30:58 - Tyler's slice about an attempted bank robbery foiled by a bank clerk. They talk about how bank robbers used to be much more classy.

34:33 - Maya's slice about a guy who stopped traffic and proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of a highway in southern California.

58:00 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "If a mugger tried to interrupt your 'Bullet-themed-party,' how would you conquer the mugger and what would your catchphrase be?"

63:02 - Cameron apologizes for mispronouncing Toro Y Moi, and for saying that listener Zhenya Shulgin was not Russian.

70:10 Outro: "His back is tender like his emotions!" - Cameron

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Question of the Week

What is the most crazy engagement story you've heard of?

Spring is here...which means love is in the air...which means people are planning to "pop the question." So this week we want to know the most crazy engagement story you've ever heard of. Perhaps it was one you were personally involved in or maybe just one you heard about from a friend. Either way, we want to know all about your crazy, over-the-top engagement story!


Sara Stockinger


Sara Stockinger commented…

While visiting a friend studying in Egypt, I helped him pick out a custom engagement ring for his girlfriend. Then, when she later came to visit, he proposed IN A PYRAMID. Pretty epic, right?! Then, at their wedding another friend proposed to HIS girlfriend at the reception. And then both relationships tanked and the moral is that I'm thankful for the low key dinner proposal my husband settled on.

Scott Reyes


Scott Reyes commented…

My friend from my small group has the best engagement story ever.

He and his girlfriend had been dating for over 5 years and their relationship was heading into the ultimatum zone.

During this time, he hurt his back and had to have surgery. He was placed on bed rest, given a back brace with more velcro than a McDonald's play place shoe-locker, and enough pain medication to induce a mild coma.

His girlfriend's generosity while taking care of him coupled with his Vicodin influenced state finally led my friend to the realization that this was the girl for him. He was going to propose…that day.

He went to a jewelry shop, paid "way too much money" (his words) on a ring for the love of his life. (Note: driving on Vicodin is frowned upon in Western civilization.)

When you have a ring you need to hide and you are wearing a back brace, the most logical place to hide the ring is in the velcro straps that hold the back brace in place. So he did.

When she arrived home, he asked her to go for a walk in the park. It was there on a park bench overlooking a children's playground where he ripped the velcro back to reveal the ring and popped the question.

Her response? "Are you (expletive) kidding me?"

They have been married for over 10 years.

Tim Rhodes


Tim Rhodes commented…

I don't have a very epic marriage proposal, but a pretty big failure.

While we were dating, my girlfriend lived in Moscow for about half a year.We had been dating for a few years at this point, so I decided to make it pretty great. Russia was a very important place for her, and I decided to visit her during her last month there, and propose in the middle of the city (yes, there is a spot in Moscow that is the literal center of the city -- it's pretty cool).

I had been in the city for a couple weeks, and I thought I had one more week to really plan the thing out. It's a long story, but because of Visa issues, we found out one afternoon that I had to be out of the country in a day. Instead of stopping and reassessing the situation, maybe waiting until a better time, I decided to go for it then. No plan, just taking her to Red Square.

It was raining, things were miserable, but I was determined to propose before I left the country. When would I get another chance like this??

We make it to the city center, soggy, tired, tourists everywhere, but I'm still going to do it. She could tell by my voice something was up, and figured it out early on. While I was pouring out my heart to her, she interrupts -- "Tim...........don't."

I was crushed, but acted like I didn't know what she was talking about.

Hannahray Nelson


Hannahray Nelson commented…

kind of crazy. kind of funny.kind of awkward.
my husband proposed to me while pumping the gasoline at a Quicktrip and 4 tornados landed in Dallas that day...
He had a plan to propose to me where we first met, then his ex-girlfriend walked in...

Jeff Lorow


Jeff Lorow commented…

My all-time favorite story is the guy who proposed to his girlfriend at center court at a Houston Rockets game. When he got down on one knee she started crying and ran out of the arena.

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