Francis Chan & David Platt

This week we talk to Francis Chan and David Platt about their new project, The Multiply Movement. The prominent authors and speakers talk about the very practical side of Jesus' desire for us to make disciples who make disciples. We also get a listener on the line to compete in a summer game, discuss the separation of church and state, and salute the queen of summer (and master of thighs), Suzanne Somers...

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Francis Chan & David Platt

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The unofficial workout tool for the "Boys Of Summer"

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Notable Jokes & Runs

4:00 - A discussion of Susanne Somer's Thigh Master and powerful thighs.

8:33 - A discussion of magician robbers and the film Now You See Me. They theorize that magicians frequently rob banks, and that banks account for this in their budgets.

57:05 - The Summer Movie Showdown, Jesse's new game. Tyler vs. Keke Pounds.

Notable Guest Moments

37:27 - Introduction to Francis Chan and David Platt.

Other Notable Moments

6:07 - Jesse talks about his son, and jokes that they almost called him Jon Lovitz Carey. We learn that his son is in the nation's top grabbing percentile.

12:59 - Jesse's slice about the Supreme Court hearing arguments about the separation of church and state. They discuss whether or not America is a Christian nation, and whether we have anything to gain from legislating religion.

22:10 - Jesse talks about how Paul dealt with those of other religions in the Bible. The others joke that he means Paul Rudd and Athens, GA. They also discuss praying in restaurants and what Jesus had to say about it, and Christians who try to correct those who say "Happy Holidays".

29:18 - Tyler's slice about Sports Illustrated's list of top 10 earners.

50:06 - Relevant Recommends: Daft Punk, Daughter, Maron.

74:40 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What's your summer theme song?"

22:38 - Jesse gives suggestions for the Question of the Week involving summer movies starring yourself and Suzanne Somers.

84:50 Outro: "What's years and years of hard work and research when you have the opinions of Suzanne Somers?" - Jesse

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Question of the Week

If your summer was a movie co-starring Suzanne Somers, what would the name of the movie and the tagline be?

You and Suzanne Somers are starring in a movie about your summer. So we need to know the name of the movie and the marketing tagline for this epic blockbuster.


Just Kevin


Just Kevin commented…

Well, I'm being deployed this summer and while in actuality it should be a fairly benign deployment it will be slightly dramatized for the movie.

Movie Name: Red Hot Heat
Tag Line: "Summer is just too hot for war"

Susan, playing herself, is on mission to convince the local populace of the dangers of water fluoridation. This gets her into a lot of trouble as the local populace is well informed of the cost effectiveness and public benefits of water fluoridation. Not wanting an international incident and to prevent summer from coming to an abrupt end, for Somers, the president dispatches an elite troop of soldiers to extract her.

I may have said too much.

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Apoorva Singh


Apoorva Singh commented…

Great all, David Platt and Francis Chan have been teaming up on a new venture. Join us as we hear from David Platt and Francis Chan about Multiply. I'm excited to let you know about a new initiative led by David Platt and Francis Chan....!

Tanvi Saxena


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