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Propaganda and Shane Hipps

This week we introduce you to a fresh voice in the hop-hop world, outspoken M.C. Propaganda. Prop brings an uncompromising message mixed with some sick beats, and yes, we're big fans. We also talk to author (and former pastor of Mars Hill) Shane Hipps about his new book and thoughts on Christianity and religion. We round out the episode with some discussion about Mark Driscoll's controversial political tweet (and Shaun King's equally divisive reply), Cameron's first mixtape to Maya, and our favorite David Caruso one-liners (you guys killed it this week).

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Propaganda - Excellent
Propaganda- G.O.S.P.E.L.
Shane Hipps- Selling Water by the River

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Notable Jokes & Runs

9:13 - Jesse talks about an amusing Facebook post discussion in which someone congratulates Cameron for being named a musical executive at Warner.

Notable Guest Moments

43:16 - Introduction to Propaganda.

53:08 - Introduction to Shane Hipps.

Other Notable Moments

1:28 - Cameron talks about staying up till 4am to digitize his old music collection.

4:27 - Cameron reads the track list to the very first mix tape he made for Maya, and plays some clips.

21:06 - Jesse's slice about the reactions from other Christians to a tweet from Mark Driscoll about Obama's inauguration.

27:42 - Cameron talks about his firsthand experiences with Barack Obama, and gives his own impressions of the president's faith.

34:34 - Maya's slice about a man who wore a Princess Bride t-shirt with the Inigo Montoya quote, which freaked out a plane full of passengers in New Zealand. They discuss t-shirt ideas that would threaten other people in airports.

38:09 - Calvin's slice about a boulder that crashed into a Utah home. Lots of rock-related puns.

63:05 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What are your best David Caruso one-liners?"

73:23 Outro: "If John Lovitz is in it, it holds up." - Jesse

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Question of the Week

What is your ultimate late-2000 mixtape?

At some point in all of our lives, we've found ourselves on the giving or receiving end of a mixtape. Most likely it was centered around a relationship (or the hope of beginning one), but who can forget the pre-iTunes joy of (what seems to be) the lost art of making and delivering an epic mixtape. Unfortunately, many of these mixtapes were created circa the year 2000 (Linkin Park or Dave Matthews anyone??). So this week, we want you to take a trip down memory lane and tell us your ultimate mixtape (created before 2001). And if you feel so inclined, go make us a Spotify playlist of your mixtape and send us the link. We'll talk about (and maybe play) some of our favorites on next week's show.


Phil Hardy


Phil Hardy commented…

If Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" isn't on there, you have done something wrong. It's a definite lady killer. Anyone know if there's an acoustic version? #ladiesssss

Dan Donkers


Dan Donkers commented…

I met my wife in 2006, but I can tell you with complete honesty (and she would back this up) that if I wanted to woo her in late 2000, I would have just given her Backstreet Boys: Black and Blue.

Melody Ward


Melody Ward commented…

This is a quick mash up....but it is all definitely before 2001, but also dips into some classics that you just have to have.

Beattles – I saw her standing there
Lauren Hill – Doo Wop(That thing)
Everclear – Wonderful
Sixpence None the Richer – Kiss Me
Mark Anthony – I need to know
Jessica Simpson – I wanna love you forever
Moniqua- Angel of Mine
Brandy- Have you Ever
Harry Connick, Jr. – Nobody Like You to Me

because why not be bold you can end with the song
Next – Wifey

Micah Carioto


Micah Carioto commented…

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this podcast. I've been reading Relevant since nearly the beginning, and listening to the podcast all along, and this was one of the best.
I've also been a member of Mark Driscoll's church for almost 10 years, and I appreciated the honest discussion around his comments. I love the fun that comes with the Relevant podcast, but this section was like a window into a serious discussion among thoughtful friends. The time spent with mixtapes was a ton a of fun, and I loved getting some insight into Propaganda's music. I couldn't disagree more strongly with Shane Hipps, but as long as the magazine continues to produce every side to complex issues, I'll be following. Thanks for upping your game!

Hansai Rastogi


Hansai Rastogi commented…

Thank you for an additional great post about "Propaganda and Shane Hipps". Im fairly positive theyre likely to be informed a great deal.

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