Ira Glass & Andy Mineo

This week, we talk with This American Life host and creator Ira Glass about the show’s creative process, its fascination with people of faith and what the media often gets wrong about Christians. Rapper Andy Mineo also joins us to discuss some of the songs that changed his life. The gang also explains an exciting opportunity for the pun-geniuses behind America’s church signs, shares why you shouldn’t get your significant other a flower bouquet this year for Valentine's Day, hears Ricky Gervais debate Stephen Colbert about the existence of God and a lot more!

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Question of the Week

What are your creative and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift ideas?

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Spencer Ray


Spencer Ray commented…

I've never been in a relationship, but I have always thought it'd be hilarious to give someone a framed, autographed portrait of me as the perfect gag gift.
I think I might have just discovered why I've never had a girlfriend.

Kiplin Norri Ellis II


Kiplin Norri Ellis II commented…

My girlfriend has never had a valentine and was very much looking forward to Valentines Day. She got super mad at me when I wasn't taking it seriously. Then when she walked into my apartment she found an assortment of gifts headlined by 23 of the valentines you give out in elementary school making up for every year she had without a valentine. She cried.


Travis Hayes


Travis Hayes commented…

My wife and I were in college when we got married, so needless to say, we were very poor during our first year or marriage. On our first Valentine's Day as a married couple back in 2012, we were so poor that my wife bought me an array of boxed candy with sticky notes on them. Some of these included Hot Tamales that said "When I first met you, I remember thinking 'Man, he's one hot tamale'," and a bag of Swedish Fish that said "Out of all the fish in the sea... I chose you and you chose me."

You can check out the rest of our
"poor valentines day" gifts here -->

I think this would be great reboot content for "Candy Talk".... just saying.

J.J. Carlson


J.J. Carlson commented…

If you are far behind on planning your Valentine's Day with your special one, my simple advice is to go out of your way to plan a meal. Find a recipe that you think he/she will like, even if you just go to, then get a list together, buy the groceries, and make the meal. A home cooked meal makes a big difference, especially if you don't typically do that.

Anthony Jeselnik had a pretty funny Christmas gift joke, even though one could do the same thing for Valentine's Day:
"This past Christmas, I told my girlfriend for months in advance, 'Baby, all I want from you this year is an Xbox. That's it. Beginning and end of list: Xbox.' You know what she got me? A homemade frame with a picture of us from our first date together. Which was fine -- because I got her an Xbox."

Brett Phillippe


Brett Phillippe commented…

For my girlfriend this year, since we are long distance and we both LOVE Chipotle, I sent her a card that had a Chipotle gift card and she just about lost it. Burrito bowls are the way to a girls heart, trust me.

Claire McKercher


Claire McKercher commented…

Epic scavenger hunt Leslie Knope style where you hide clues in each of the places that means something to you as a couple. Cryptex not included.

Rey Guevara


Rey Guevara commented…

I don't have a creative thing to add, but last year I didn't get to tell my crazy valentine's day story.

A few years back I asked this chick out for Valentine's She was a little older than me and way out of my league, so I was super stoked that she said yes. The only catch was she had already made plans with friends for the night, so I had to tag along with them. No problem. I knew some of her friends already anyway.

So we go to the rodeo (San Antonio's stock show and rodeo takes place in February and it's a big deal. We don't just have rodeos all over the place.) It's fun, we ride rides at the carnival grounds and have a lot of fun. Then we go to a concert at a local club.

The performer is some country heart throb dude. I wasn't feeling it. But the whole time he was singing to and interacting with all the girls in our group. One of my date's friends asks him to play a song. He says that the band doesn't know that song but if they met him in the back after the show, he'd play it...

Fast forward to the end of the show. All the girls run to the back of the venue to meet him. He tells them he has to sign and sell merch, so if they wait on the bus he will sing the song to them on the bus...

So for the next two hours I sat by myself at the bar watching all the valentine's couples dancing and enjoying their night while my date is waiting on a tour bus for a heart throb country singer. My date found me when she got back from the bus. We danced one or two songs and then it was time to leave.

I haven't had a valentine's day date since. I'm now considering becoming a priest.

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