Jars of Clay Performs Live

After a long hiatus, we're happy to announce the RELEVANT Studio Sessions are back, this week featuring a live performance by the legendary Jars of Clay! The veteran band came through our studio to play a few songs from their new album Inland, and we've got 2 of those performances on this week's show. Also, we play a "fantasy showdown" game with a listener, do some beatboxing and dig into 2 Chainz's cookbook (yup, you read that one right). It's a very spooky Friday the 13th edition of the podcast...and you've been warned.

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Jars of Clay - "Inland" (Live at RELEVANT)
Jars of Clay - "Loneliness & Alcohol" (Live at RELEVANT)
Jars of Clay - "Fall Asleep" (Live at RELEVANT)

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Notable Jokes & Runs

3:22 - The guys introduce themselves with spooky nicknames in honor of Friday the 13th.

6:28 - Chad reads selected entries in 2 Chainz's cookbook.

11:25 - Calvin starts a discussion about Halloween. Chad talks about wearing bloody biblical costumes as a child at his church's Harvest Party, and Calvin talks about his church replacing haunted houses with tableaus of Hell. Jesse talks about the irony of calling it a Harvest Festival.

18:28 - Eddie talks about a new photo of the DC Talk members, prompting discussion of the possible reunion.

28:25 - Tyler reveals that they make new hires sing at Relevant Magazine staff meetings.

29:56 - Jokes about old people talking about rap. Tyler does a short impromptu rap.

31:07 - Eddie beatboxes while Chad raps.

Notable Guest Moments

38:41 - Introduction to Jars of Clay.

39:45 - Jars of Clay performs "Loneliness and Alcohol".

61:05 - Jars of Clay performs "Inland".

Other Notable Moments

21:17 - Jesse's slice about Coca Cola's new hot ginger ale soda, the first soda that's supposed to be drunk warm. Jesse reveals his three favorite sodas, and Eddie talks about Wal-Mart brand Dr. Thunder soda.

25:37 - Eddie's slice about a store apologizing for making job candidates dance after they interviewed for a job.

32:59 - Tyler's slice about an unnamed Middle Eastern prince who paid a charity to sit with Kristen Stewart for 15 minutes.

45:43 - Jesse's game, Fantasy Showdown Part Deux: The Legend of Drake Stonedagger, combining LARPing with Fantasy Football. A call-in listener plays against Eddie.

67:21 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What is your dream lineup for Dancing with the Stars?"

77:35 Outro: "Mackle-what's-his-name and Busta Who's-that." - Jesse

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Question of the Week

Who would you want to spend 15 minutes sitting with?

An unnamed middle-eastern prince recently paid $500,000 to sit with Twilight actress Kristen Stewart for 15 minutes. So this week we want to ask you, what current living person would you most want to spend 15 minutes sitting with (and why)?

Top Comments

Steve Jacob


Steve Jacob commented…

That kid I bullied in middle school at the bus stop. I would spend 15 minutes (or longer) asking for forgiveness and profusely apologizing for being the world's biggest jerk.


JD Sutter


JD Sutter commented…

Sorry Jars of Clay, but the absolute best moment of the episode was the dc Talk rap. Pure gold, guys.

William LaRue


William LaRue commented…

I would spend my 15 minutes with Bear Grylls, just in case the zombie apocalypse happens in that time span. I mean what better apocalypse teammate, right?

gRegor Morrill


gRegor Morrill commented…

I would spend 15 minutes with The Doctor. From Doctor Who.

What? You didn't say they had to be human.

And shut up — he IS real. :]

Steve Jacob


Steve Jacob commented…

That kid I bullied in middle school at the bus stop. I would spend 15 minutes (or longer) asking for forgiveness and profusely apologizing for being the world's biggest jerk.

Melody Ward


Melody Ward commented…

This podcast was one of the funniest for all of you fellas as a new group. I couldn't stop laughing. When the rapping started I was in Awe!! So taken aback that I stopped working and just had to listen. It was amazing! :) DC Who?

To answer the question of the week...I couldn't think of anything funny or clever. Honestly I think I would want to sit down and talk with Pope Francis for (hopefully more than) 15 minutes. But I'd take it if it was just that long.

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