Jennie Allen

This week we talk to author and founder of the If:Gathering, Jennie Allen. IF:Gathering is an event that gathers, equips and unleashes the next generation to live out their purpose, and it’s happening this weekend in Austin, TX. We also spotlight blues rocker Benjamin Booker, learn how to ride a camel and track down the star of this year’s Super Bowl, Katy Perry’s Left Shark.

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Notable Jokes & Runs

3:55 - They talk about Jennie Allen and Cameron going to the IF Gathering women's conference. Tyler jokes about him going in a dress and pretending to be an old British maid, Mrs. Featherstrang. This becomes a recurring joke throughout the episode.

13:48 - Cameron talks about riding camels in Morocco. They discuss how to position the human body on a camel's body, and using camels to defend the ruins of a desert set from Kingdom of Heaven with Nicole Kidman. (Video extract.)

50:39 - Cameron talks about eating coffee-flavored jelly beans. A discussion about jelly beans in general ensues. (Video extract.)

63:19 - Eddie sings a line or two from the '90s hit "Black Hole Sun".

87:09 - Lauren Harvill returns for "Lauren Recaps Last Week's Show".

110:51 - More discussion of the first edition of The Iliad. They joke about what other priceless historical artifacts the guy had to rummage through at the garage sale before he got to the book.

113:32 - Cameron talks about buying an authentic Berber sword for Cohen in Morocco. Jokes about rites of passage involving dangerous weaponry and Cohen defending their house.

115:34 - Cameron talks about hooligan skateboarders troubling the dock at the Relevant offices.

120:50 - The group reacts to watching themselves on the video extracts.

Notable Guest Moments

30:02 - Cameron introduces Tyler Clark, a former Relevant editor and podcast crew, who he claims was actually the dancer inside Left Shark. A short and hilarious interview follows, giving the whole story of Left Shark.

65:12 - Introduction to Jennie Allen.

77:23 - Introduction to Benjamin Booker.

Other Notable Moments

1:10 - More discussion of Jeff Bridges' Super Bowl ad.

6:23 - Cameron talks about where he was during his absence last week. Morocco, a Jesus Culture worship conference in Sacramento, meeting John Grey from Joel Osteen's church.

8:01 - Cameron talks about his time in Morocco, visiting the set of Roma Downey and Mark Burnett's new television drama, A.D.

19:53 - Cameron talks about traveling with Propaganda.

23:08 - A discussion of the Super Bowl game. Eddie changes into a Patriots jersey as a result of having lost a bet.

27:55 - The Super Bowl discussion shifts to the commercials, the halftime show, and Left Shark.

35:44 - A Sisqó update. They talk again about him working at a lingerie store in a Canadian mall, and about the '90s having returned again.

39:57 - Jesse's slice about a barber in Atlanta giving children the "Benjamin Button" haircut, basically a receding hairline, as a punishment parents can request for their children. (Video extract.)

45:09 - Tyler's slice about a movie called The Boy Next Door, which has a scene where a character gives a first edition copy of The Iliad. They play a clip from the film where the book is given.

53:35 - Tyler returns to his slice after the jelly bean tangent.

57:30 - Eddie's slice about a study showing how important it is to win over the in-laws of your significant other.

90:00 - Jesse's charity challenge is officially announced: the Nickelback Challenge, in which he will listen to Nickelback's music nonstop for an entire week, from February 16-22. Proceeds will go to Charity Water. Inspired by his slices from this episode and listener feedback in this one.

107:38 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What should Relevant's first Super Bowl commercial be?"

116:58 - Discussion of this week's Editorial Question of the Week.

Tagline - (In a Mrs. Doubfire voice) "Hellooo, I'll take one for the boy next door, please!"

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Question of the Week

If the #JesseChallenge ends up raising a crazy amount of money (say, $100,000) - which will be going to Charity: Water - what should be done?


Phil Moffitt


Phil Moffitt commented…

What if Jesse secretly LIKES Nickelback and this is all just a clever trick to get to listen to their music for a week straight? Regardless, if he raises the 100K, he could join Nickelback on tour, playing an instrument of his choice. Or be a backup dancer.

Joshua Manley


Joshua Manley commented…

I'm with some of the other commenters - if $100K is raised, the whole cast definitely should pick a NB video and recreate it scene for scene.

Emily Abele


Emily Abele commented…

He should have to go and visit the well wherever that happens to be.

Julie V


Julie V commented…

This fundraiser was so rude. No Im not a fan of the music myself.. but Ryan from the band funnels a lot of his $ into clean water projects in Africa, and the whole band has funded water wells. Do you really have to put down others to raise $ for a cause - the same cause they themselves support? I think it makes both charity water and this guy look bad. You can do good without dragging others down.

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