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On this week's podcast, the legendary John Tesh joins us for what might go down in podcast history as our favorite interview of all time. We don't know if Mr. Tesh feels the same way, but it doesn't matter ... we spent nearly an hour talking to The Tesh about his career, music, faith, Yanni, Howie Mandel, and the greatness that is #TESHsays. Oh and at one point, The Tesh brakes into a rap. That's right, John Tesh raps. We could go on, but seriously just stop reading this and start listening to this week's show. You won't be disappointed!

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Roundball Rock

If you haven't seen it yet, here is John Tesh performing the NBA theme song live.

Entertainment Tonight

A 1988 Entertainment Tonight Promo featuring John Tesh and Mary Hart


K'Tesh the Klingon

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Notable Jokes & Runs

1:08 - The group reacts to their interview with John Tesh, which just concluded before they recorded the episode.

62:54 - Jesse retells the story of wearing his lion costume to an elementary school party.

Notable Guest Moments

20:59 - Introduction to John Tesh.

37:40 - John Tesh talks about how he got into worship music.

41:03 - Calvin gives ideas for future "Sax" album titles.

41:45 - John Tesh tells the story of how he got suspended from college while trying to drop a college course.

47:11 - John Tesh defends his #TeshSays tweets.

50:32 - John Tesh answers listener questions.

54:29 - John Tesh raps.

57:29 - John Tesh answers a Lightning Round of listener questions.

Other Notable Moments

6:33 - Jesse's slice about a Goat Man on the loose in the mountains of Utah.

10:49 - Maya's slice about NASA trying to recreate the smell of space.

14:57 - Calvin's slice about a mother in Pennsylvania who hacked her son's school computers to change his grades. He gives other examples from his life of parents going too far for their kids.

68:14 Outro: "Guard their hearts, they are the wellspring of life, and if that don't work, you call your wife." - John Tesh

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Question of the Week

When have you seen parents crossing the line and going too far for their kids?

We've all seen it happen, or heaven forbid, we've been there ourselves: young, cool, out in public ... and with our parents. And for whatever reason our parents decided to cross a line and do something to completely embarrass us in front of our friends, our peers, or just anyone in the general vicinity. So this week we want to know your most embarrassing parents-crossing-the-line-for-you story. Don't hold back...just look at this as your way of enacting revenge for that embarrassing moment.


Lauren M. Williams


Lauren M. Williams commented…

Ok, this episode may be the best episode I've heard to date! Thank's for bringin on The Tesh!

Ok, I have many embarrassing parent stories, I was home schooled for crying out loud, but I think the one that gets me to this day is the fact that my mother dressed me until I was about 15/16. I mean I was wearing matching playsets until I was about 14. May have been the most embarrassing thing of my life. Old Navy was the only "cool" store I was allowed to shop at until I was around 15, and I wasn't allowed to wear contacts until I was 15! I even had a very bright red pant suit that I wore only a handful of times because people made so much fun of me...

Ok, two more that correlate. I had a Psalty (the singing song-book) Bible until I was 14 or 15, when my mother finally got me a new Bible it was the Inductive Study Bible (Hardcover Edition), I was accused by my youth pastor for bringing a dictionary to Sunday School. Scarred for life.


Anonymous commented…

This actually happened to my brother, not me. My brother and I both are part of the worship team at my church, and one day he started dating this girl who was a really great singer. We invited her to join us and everything went well at practice. Then the next day, my father introduced her as the new member of our band and "hopefully a new member of our family soon." They had only been dating 3 weeks.

Brycen Campfield


Brycen Campfield commented…

My parents chaperoned my 8th grade graduation dance which was my first real dance so I was nervous. During the slow song (which I was already stressed about), I caught them video-taping me and the girl I was dancing with from about 15 feet away, as did my dance partner... While leaving the dance they insisted on getting a picture of me and my dance partner for "memories"....


Abi commented…

Just checked out Cameron's tumblr confused

Kelly Marie Haley


Kelly Marie Haley commented…

The ET clip didn't have anything about John Tesh?? :(

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