Jon Acuff and Beautiful Eulogy

Author, speaker, blogger and podcast-favorite Jon Acuff joins us this week as a guest co-host. We love it when Jon does a podcast with us, and this week we even get him to play against a listener in a "basketball-themed" game. We also introduce you to one of our favorite new hip-hop collectives, Portland's Beautiful Eulogy. You might already be familiar with them as they produced Propaganda's last album, but their debut solo album, Satellite Kite, is a lyrical and musical achievement you definitely don't want to miss out on. Oh, and did you know that you can download it for free? A free podcast AND a free album? You're welcome...

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Featured Videos

START, the new book by Jon Acuff
Beautiful Eulogy Live at Portland Underground Recording
Beautiful Eulogy - Entitlement

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Notable Jokes & Runs

2:34 - Jon talks about recording the audio version of his book and discovering typos and factual errors.

6:26 - Jesse and Jon talk about glitches in '90s video games.

37:01 - Jesse's new game: "The 'He Got Game' Game". Basketball trivia. Jon vs. a listener.

Notable Guest Moments

25:46 - Introduction to Beautiful Eulogy.

Other Notable Moments

2:04 - Jon Acuff guest-hosts.

10:05 - Cameron talks about Tyler's absence from the podcast this episode, and announces his move to Nashville.

16:08 - Jon's slice about baseball players using PEDs.

17:27 - Jesse's slice about actors attached to the Grumpy Cat movie, and a book deal for Chris P. Bacon. Jesse talks about Internet animals he considers more worthy of a book deal.

55:08 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "How would you turn the convergence of a cheerleading competition, comic con and boat show into a summer blockbuster?"

63:53 Outro: "What's the deal with warp whistles? You miss, like, half the game." - Jesse

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Question of the Week

Who else would you like to see guest-host this podcast?

We love it when Jon Acuff comes on to guest-host the podcast with us, but it got us thinking about other potential guest-hosts. So this week we want to know who else you would like to see come on and guest-host the RELEVANT Podcast with us. And don't just give us names, but tell us why you would like them to guest-host and, in the event they agree to come on, what we should do with them.


Brycen Campfield


Brycen Campfield commented…

I would love to see Jon Foreman guest host. I believe he would be a fun guy to talk to for a few hours and that he would have a lot to say about many different issues ranging from music to faith. Either him or you know, Toby Mac...

Kirk Boutz


Kirk Boutz commented…

You guys should totally get Wally from the Wally Show on WayFM. He will give you a run for your money on what is truly funny, plus he also has Jon Acuff on his show doing bits. He is the guy that has saved an otherwise normal Christian radio station. In other word it would be a meeting of awesomeness.

Austin Campbell


Austin Campbell commented…

The world needs a hero, and that hero is Adam Smith.

Shelley Johnson


Shelley Johnson commented…

I third the request of Adam Smith.

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