Jonathan Martin & Marnie Stern

This week we talk to author and pastor Jonathan Martin about his new book, Prototype. The book creates a vivid understanding of what it means to be loved by God, and the conversation will leave you wanting to hear more (which you can if you listen to the complete, unedited interview below). We also introduce you to guitar-shredding-indie-rocker Marnie Stern, debate the legitimacy of Kickstarter and give our suggestions for summer movies you HAVE to see (Fast & Furious 6 anyone??)...

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Listen to the full interview with Jonathan Martin


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Prototype by Jonathan Martin

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Marnie Stern - "Immortals"

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Notable Jokes & Runs

4:49 - Chad makes a joke that provokes a whole run about him leading a youth ministry. Jesse jokes that his sermons often ended with him yelling at the kids and calling their parents.

52:27 - Cameron talks about the time he was in the Orlando Convention Center lobby, when it was shared by Comic Con people, a highschool cheerleader competition, and a boat show. The group makes plans to create an indie film about that lobby, funded by selling Zach Braff's house.

Notable Guest Moments

36:58 - Introduction to Jonathan Martin.

42:20 - Martin talks about Jesus' identity as a man, and about how he modeled characteristics that would be called both masculine and feminine in Western culture.

65:23 - Introduction to Marnie Stern.

Other Notable Moments

10:15 - Jesse's slice about celebrity Kickstarter campaigns that haven't done so well. A discussion of people who already have money but don't want to use it using Kickstarter to find their projects, and whether or not this new model leaves room for quality projects that aren't well-known enough to succeed through popular funding.

29:03 - Tyler's slice about the top 50 most popular cities in America, ranked by how physically fit they are. A discussion of the hamster maze setup of Minneapolis, and the diets of Vikings and other Scandinavians.

49:39 - Relevant Recommends: Star Trek: Into Darkness.

55:57 - Relevant Recommends resumes after a long digression. Star Trek: Into Darkness, The Fast and the Furious.

73:38 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "If your summer was a movie costarring Susanne Somers, what would the title and tagline be?"

83:11 Outro: "I'll see you at the abandoned show, just past midnight, Jack!" - Jesse

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Question of the Week

The crowds of a high school cheerleading competition, comic con and boat show have all converged on a convention center atrium and you're sitting in the middle of it. How would you turn this scenario into a summer blockbuster?

The summer movie season is in full swing and we have another idea we need your help in creating. The crowds of a high school cheerleading competition, comic con and boat show have all converged on a convention center atrium. You're sitting in the middle watching it all go down and have decided to turn what you see into the next summer blockbuster. Give us a title, cast, plot, tagline, poster, Kickstarter prizes, marketing strategy, etc.... You have a blank slate, so go create this movie!


Christine Schofield


Christine Schofield commented…

Man, you guys are really alienating us Minnesota Star Trek fans. Now I know how Canada feels.

Jordan WK


Jordan WK commented…

Con Men: After discovering how many attractive girls hang out at comic book conventions from a nerdy and unattractive former high-school acquaintance, three 20-somethings marketing-majors decide to host their own comic book convention. Overhearing the guys discussing their plans and viral marketing ideas at burger king, a cunning, down-on-his-luck former yacht sales executive, Kage Nichols (Nicholas Cage), proposes a deal with them to fund the convention space rental in exchange for QR code advertising in all of their convention's marketing. Unaware the code takes visitors to an advertisement for his own boat show and last chance to prove himself in the industry, the guys are tricked into being relegated to a single meeting room at the massive convention center while Kage reserves the grand hall for his boat show. Meanwhile, a regional cheerleading competition's plans to use a neighboring city's athletic grounds are de-railed when the complex is destroyed in a gas explosion. Regional President of School Spirit Athletics, Jozie Tan (Hayden Panettiere - of course), has no choice but to reluctantly share the convention space with the yacht and comic book conventions. Trouble ensues for all three conventions, however, when a disgruntled convention center employee combines all three of the events into the first annual "Star Oars: The PomPom Menace" sci-fi, nautical cheerleading convention, leaving the three parties to compete for the whole of the convention. May the best (con) man win!

Overall direction would be done by Steven Segal (no typo), Lou Diamond Phillips plays one (maybe two) of the comic book guys whose scenes are all directed by Judd Apatow. Gas explosion will be directed by Wes Anderson. Coscarelli gets to use his creepy, independent direction for every shot of Kage Nichols. Fred Thompson does everybody's stunts. Soundtrack written and recorded by Five For Fighting.

Shawn Flanagan


Shawn Flanagan commented…

It's about time people started accurately describing us Minnesotans! You never hear about the hamster ball tax benefits in the media. Leave it to the Relevant crew to get it right.

Christine Schofield


Christine Schofield commented…

This convention center scenario is like an Arrested Development Movie Mad Libs. Any character could end up being at any of these events. Here is one scenario to get the ball rolling:

Tobias has found a new calling as a cheerleading coach.

Lindsay desperately seeks attention from the nerds at comic-con (and fails, of course).

Michael is looking to buy a boat so he can take George Michael on a father-son sailing trip, but in true Michael form, he forgets about his son when Gob has some kind of magic emergency that only Michael can help with.

You're welcome, Mitchell Hurwitz.



LauraBatstone commented…

Guys, clearly you are missing the key component for this blockbuster: John Mcclane.

Our old plan John Mcclane (obviously Bruce Willis), is taking his granddaughter to a cheerleading competition. Overwhelmed by all the glitter and team spirit, Officer Mcclane decides to check out the Boat Show and Comic-Con that also happen to be taking place in the same convention center. He quickly discovers some nefarious plot is afoot when he finds a yacht filled with explosives. Terrorists quickly take the entire convention center hostage, demanding that the US government pay ransom/free political prisoners/end space travel/stop putting fluoride in the water, etc. It looks like the only way John Mcclane can save the day this time is with the help of some of the nerdy but brilliant Trekkies and a peppy cheerleading coach. Yippee-kay-yay convention lovers.

Title: Die Unconventional.

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