On this week’s show we speak with Lecrae. He was on the cover of our most recent issue of the magazine, and recently dropped a new album “Church Clothes 3”. Also, we speak with author Lauren Chandler about her new book “Steadfast Love”, and discuss the injustices of this year’s NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

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Notable Jokes & Runs

5:04 - Eddie talks about inserting himself into the Lecrae interview.

6:26 - The group discusses a few changes to the coming Oskarz.biz Awards.

15:43 - In Case You Missed It: the Grammys (Kendrick Lamar, Adele, Hamilton, Taylor Swift), Tyler Perry's live passion play casting updates, Kanye's fashion show and new album, as well as his tweet storms asking for money. Cameron predicts a "2007 Britney" meltdown for Kayne. Also, an article on Relevant about the culture of entitlement.

26:17 - Jesse does impressions of Michael W. Smith's "My Place In This World".

Notable Guest Moments

68:23 - Introduction to Lecrae.

79:00 - Introduction to Lauren Chandler.

Other Notable Moments

10:51 - Cameron begins a rant about the NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

36:01 - Cameron talks about seeing Hillsong United last week.

43:32 - Jesse's slice about Whole Foods' new chain of "365 by Whole Foods Market" stores that also offer vinyls and tattoos in addition to groceries.

48:17 - Eddie's slice about an upcoming #HomerLive event on the May 15th episode of The Simpsons.

62:51 - Tiffanie's slice about a person dressed as a banana who shut down a council meeting in Australia.

90:30 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What were some quirky things your parents did during your childhood?"

94:38 - Discussion of this week's Editorial Question of the Week.

Tagline - (Singing) "My place in this world..."

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Question of the Week

What category should be included in this year’s Oscarz.biz awards?

Top Comments

Michael Lucero


Michael Lucero commented…

I know Relevant's policy is to avoid siding with (or against) one political party or another, but I think we just absolutely need a Most Ridiculous Thing Said By Donald Trump category.

Peter S


Peter S replied to Michael Lucero's comment

Maybe make it the most Ridiculous things said by a Presidential Candidate.


Paul Hufstetler


Paul Hufstetler commented…

I've slipped on a banana peel. It was in the cafeteria in college. I promptly went full-on Christian College Weirdo and exclaimed "I just slipped on a banana peel!" to no one in particular, making the tables nearby uncomfortable.

Cody Murphy


Cody Murphy commented…

To prove Jesse wrong about banana peels. I am in law school, and these are real cases that have gone through the appellate process concerning slipping and falling on Bananas.

Goddard v. Boston & Maine R.R. Co. 179 Mass. 52, 60 N.E. 486

Anjou v. Boston Elevated Railway Co. 208 Mass, 273, 94 N.E. 386

Joye v. Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co. 405 F.2d 464

Kylie Daniel


Kylie Daniel commented…

Special Achievement Award for the Best Cat Vs. Cucumber Video

Jessica Overbey


Jessica Overbey commented…

This doesn't answer the question, but I couldn't read this article without thinking of you all - it's like a mix of Cat Island and the Florida Python Contest from a few years ago! I live in Boston and am really hoping the snakes don't escape...




Samanalie commented…

[Summer-nuh-lee] A loyal podcast fan from Sri Lanka (20 points if you know where that is)...

- Best Hotline Bling (Drake) Mashup

- similarly... Best Hello (Adele) Mashup

- TobyMacPowell Award for Best Podcast Vocal Performance by Eddie "BigCat" Kaufholz
(featuring soundbites of the various vocal renditions of Dave Matthews, DC Talk, Third Day and Cats as sung by Eddie during the podcast) .... It doesn't get more "Relevant" than that ;)

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