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Local Natives

This week we talk to one of our favorite indie-rock bands, Local Natives. The L.A. band has just released its second album, Hummingbird, and it's one you need to check out. We also talk to musician and actress Caitlin Crosby about her organization, "The Giving Keys," aimed at getting people out of homelessness through the power of recycled keys. Plus, Cameron scares the neighborhood hoodlums, we unpack the future of 3-D printers and then dissect the quality of your mixtapes.

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Local Natives - "Breakers" (Official Music Video)


Caitlin Crosby of The Giving Keys

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Notable Jokes & Runs

3:50 - Cameron begins his epic story about scaring the teens in his neighborhood who "ding-dong-ditch" his home by appearing as a shadowy figure with a hoodie. The Hoodmen legend is born.

32:30 - Riff about a trailer for the Hoodman movie.

62:26 - A conversation about movie memorabilia and whether printing a new version of it would defeat the purpose. This leads to a discussion about Jesse's son printing a new version of him, and downloading his memories into the new body so that he can enjoy the technology of the future.

64:33 - Cameron provokes a discussion about hovercrafts.

Notable Guest Moments

34:02 - Introduction to Local Natives.

42:59 - Introduction to Caitlin Crosby.

Other Notable Moments

15:51 - Jesse's slice about a new Kickstarter campaign for a documentary about a Superman movie starring Nicholas Cage, and involving Tim Burton and Kevin Smith, that was never made.

18:51 - Maya's slice about a pastor who refused to leave a tip at a restaurant because "it's not fair to God".

20:43 - Calvin's slice about the similarities between a recent Papa John's Pizza story and Les Miserables.

23:18 - Cameron has a slice about 3D printing becoming more mainstream due to companies like MakerBot. They also discuss guns made by 3D printers, the merging of biology and technology, and the question of artificially-created life.

51:09 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What is your ultimate late-2000 mixtape?"

67:45 Outro: "Ladies and gentlemen, this is why the Internet was invented." - Jesse

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Question of the Week

If you had a 3D printer, what would you use it to create?

3D printing is the next big thing, and as costs continue to drop, consumer anticipation continues to build. So this week we want to know, if you had your own 3D printer, what would you use it to create?




petejuvinall commented…

I'd use it to print ink cartridges for my other printer because I'm meta like that.

Dan Donkers


Dan Donkers commented…

Two words. Bouncy Castle.

Matt Dudley


Matt Dudley commented…

I would print a talking Whale Shark. Then, I would punch it. When the Whale Shark looks at me and asks, "Why?" I would look at it intently and simply reply, "You know why."
The Talking Whale Shark would then nod with understanding.

Nicholas Hemerling


Nicholas Hemerling commented…

Jor-El is Superman's father. Kal-El is Superman. Get it right, Jesse!

Kyle Atkins


Kyle Atkins commented…

That's easy - a hoverboard like Marty McFly's in Back to the Future. Who doesn't want to have one of those?

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