The Lone Bellow and Eugene Cho

This week we introduce you to THE band to know in 2013: The Lone Bellow. The trio makes self-described "Brooklyn country music" and has just released their emotionally captivating self-titled debut (that cracked the top 15 on iTunes). We also talk to Eugene Cho, pastor of Quest Church and founder of One Day's Wages, a movement seeking to alleviate extreme global poverty. Also, we deal with Lance Armstrong, drop some David Caruso wisdom, and do our best to implement your suggestions for making the show more enjoyable. Oh, and don't miss our favorite listener-submitted Yolo/Bolo pictures below!

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The Lone Bellow, 'You Never Need Nobody'
The Lone Bellow, 'Looking For You'


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Notable Jokes & Runs

25:09 - A clip of David Caruso's one-liners from CIS.

27:52 - Calvin jokes about having his own app with Christopher Walken voices.

Notable Guest Moments

3:01 - Cameron talks about The Lone Bellow.

34:13 - Introduction to The Lone Bellow.

46:00 - Introduction to Eugene Cho.

Other Notable Moments

5:47 - Cameron talks about the Toro y Moi album and the vulgar lyrics of one of the songs. Jesse jokes that he thinks the singer wants to be Enya.

8:34 - Cameron talks about the upcoming new Carman album.

14:00 - Jesse's slice about an "advertorial" story in The Atlantic about scientology, which was an advertisement thinly disguised as an actual news story. Cameron also talks about pay for play advertisement and how Relevant does not do that sort of thing.

22:23 - Maya's slice about Android apps that are not transparent about what they do and how they follow users' data.

29:39 - Calvin's slice about Lance Armstrong's interview with Oprah and the fallout of his steroid use confession.

52:53 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "How do we make the show better?"

56:59 - They talk about a listener suggestion to make the podcast archives searchable and tagged by subjects, jokes, etc.

62:52 Outro: "Well, that oughta shine some light on the situation. Yeaahhhh!" - Jesse

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Question of the Week

What is your best David Caruso one-liner?

CSI Miami. It's a staple on our DVR's and in our hearts. And as anyone who has invested time in the show will tell you, the best moments come when David Caruso puts on the sunglasses and delivers a gut-punching one liner right before The Who screams in excitement. So this week we want to hear your best David Caruso one-liner. Give us a little context for the scene and then give us "the line." We'll have Jesse reenact our favorites on next week's show.




Eric commented…

Scene: Relevant Studio

Detective: There are tracks leading away from the Lone Bellow's Murder Scene.

Horatio: Well Detective, it appears...


( •_•)>⌐■-■


...They weren't a-lone...




Eric commented…

Scene: Relevant Studio

Detective: LoveDrug finished performing and immediately fell dead.

Horatio: Well Detective, it appears...


( •_•)>⌐■-■


...Love isn't the only drug they were given...




Eric commented…

Scene: ESPN Texas Hold'Em Tournament

Detective: According to eye witness reports, Jessie Carey and Ben Folds were the only 2 contestants left.

The lastest report states that on the first hand, Ben had a 6 of hearts and a 2 of clubs.
The second hand was equally as depressing with a 3 of spades and a 9 of diamonds.
He folded both hands.

On the third hand he had two Kings and almost knocked Jessie out of the running, but with the look in Jessie's eyes, he knew he had something better so again, he folded.

The fourth hand went as lackluster as the first two with Ben only having a pair of 7s.

On the fifth hand, Ben knew it was his time but, afraid to move forward, he again folded and with no money left, Jessie was declared the winner. Ben immediately lept to his feet, overturned the table and ran out. No one has seen him since, H.

Horatio: Well Detective... Tomorrow's Headline could have been a good one... "Ben Wins 2.5 million for Charity." But it looks like he'll settle for...


( •_•)>⌐■-■


..."Ben Folds Five".


karl wilson


karl wilson commented…

I noticed the very cold temperatures as of late and it started me thinking. What are the top in no particular order and no particular number, but there are 5, Horatio sayings, with a cold or freezing theme. This is more than a two for (two for one).

Number one and two, not that they have numbers assigned, have already been posted in previous comments. So in recap.

1) Dead guy in Canada with tongue on a fence. Horatio

It looks like this ........ is a cold case

2) Dead businessman, naked with butt pressed up against glass door. Horatio

I can see his assets .......... are frozen

3) An alcoholic and CEO of a distillery was found with a single bullet hole in his head, dead in a gas station ice cube freezer. Hoartio

looks like he took his last shot ......... on the rocks.

4) Two Lunch Meat salespersons were found dead in the fridge with multiple knife wounds. Horatio.

That's ......... a cold cut combo

And number 5 not that there is an order or that this is a list.

5) A referee of the Tampa Bay Lightning was found dead in full uniform and a whistle still in his mouth on the ice. It was apparent from the blood trail that he had been hit by Zamboni and had slide across the center red line, then the blue line, and then finally across the goal line. Horatio

Looks like his last call ............ was icing.

And wait there's more...

A waiter at a high class restaurant found dead crushed by a wine cooler fridge. Horatio

His last dish was served .............. chilled

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