Martin Smith

This week we spotlight worship leader and former Delirious? frontman Martin Smith. He has a new solo album out (God's Great Dance Floor, Step 01) and he shares with us his heart for God and these new songs he's created. We also talk to innovation leader Bobby Gruenewald. As part of the team, Bobby helped create the YouVersion Bible App, which has been downloaded over 90 million times! And we unveil a new theme (and theme song) for our summer, which includes a Jesse Carey singalong. Let's just say we now understand why Jesse is a writer and not a singer...

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Martin Smith - Back to the Start (God's Great Dance Floor)
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Notable Jokes & Runs

5:41 - Cameron talks about Maya's absence. The first "Boys of Summer" episode.

7:30 - Jesse sings along to bits of "The Boys of Summer".

9:07 - The group each narrates their version of "The Boys Are Back in Town" music video, starring all of them. Throwing footballs, playing chess, skateboarding, flipping burgers, running on grass, riding lawnmowers on the highway, a police shootout. Chad apparently dies.

18:33 - Cameron tells the story about his new shower caddy, and trying to combine bathroom activities while in the shower. Jesse says he shaves while boiling eggs.

Notable Guest Moments

42:04 - Introduction to Martin Smith.

64:00 - Introduction to Bobby Gruenewald.

Other Notable Moments

2:19 - Cameron reacts to Chad guest-hosting the previous episode.

23:18 - Jesse's slice about the book Overdressed, which predicted a disaster in a clothing factory. Fast fashion vs. sustainable clothing. The cost of cheap clothing is poor working conditions for other countries.

33:22 - Tyler's slice about a man who believes he's found the original recipe of Coca Cola in letters he bought at an estate sale, and is selling it on eBay.

53:28 - Relevant Recommends: Vampire Weekend, The Great Gatsby,

74:00 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What was the worst summer job you ever had?"

82:40 Outro: "I can see you! Keep playing it, keep going." - Jesse

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Question of the Week

What is your theme song for summer 2013?

This week we unveiled our theme - and theme song - for the upcoming summer. So now we want to ask you, what is your theme song for summer 2013 and why?


Samantha Ripple


Samantha Ripple commented…

My summer and life song is "Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats.

We can dance if we want to
We can leave your friends behind
'Cause your friends don't dance
and if they don't dance
Well they're, no friends of mine

Matt Dudley


Matt Dudley commented…

Being a big fan of The Beatles, my summer theme song would have to be, "Good Day Sunshine."

However, considering how hot it gets where I live (Imperial, California, where the summer temperature will rest above 110 for a few months) I will probably not be so happy about the sunshine as John, Paul, George, & Ringo were when the song was first recorded...

Jesse Scarey


Jesse Scarey commented…

Also on the topic of cheap clothing...

buying higher quality clothing made in the U.S. does nothing to improve the well-being of the workers in developing countries. If enough people switch to American-made denim, textile factories in Bangladesh would shut down and workers would be forced to return to subsistence farming, almost certainly making them worse off. To boycott those factories due to poor conditions is to say you know what is better for the workers than they do, as they saw the job as an improvement over their previous condition.

Purchasing clothing from company's that pay a "sustainable wage" is certainly an improvement over buying domestic, but if you pay the same amount of money for half as many clothes, those workers will be better off, but fewer workers will be employed. It is not obvious that this situation is better on net.

The best solution is to make consumption decisions based on prices and your preferences, and donate whatever portion of your income you want to improve the lives of the poor around the world to charitable organizations. Avoiding buying from goods made in sweat shops may make us feel good, but really it just allows us to keep buying stuff without having to feel guilty about all the suffering in the world because we are no longer directly connected. This isn't true of environmentally sustainable goods. Choosing those makes the world better.

Ironically, my summer theme song is "Indian Summer" by Pedro the Lion.

Christopher Perry


Christopher Perry commented…

Also on the topic of cheap clothing...

What was the name brand of the jeans you guys were talking about?

My theme song for this summer..."Baby Monkey (Riding on a Pig)".

Chad Michael


Chad Michael replied to Christopher Perry's comment

We were talking about Imogene + Willie, a great company out of Nashville:



Praja commented…

This is the first single from former Delirious? Frontman Martin Smith was released his first full-length solo album on 23 April. God's Great Dance Floor.

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