Matt Maher and Jon Guerra Perform

This week on the show we have a special in-studio performance by Jon Guerra and Matt Maher. Also, we chat with author Sarah Bessey about her new book and the cast recaps Halloween (and how Joy almost got murdered).

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Notable Jokes & Runs

2:08 - The group talks about what they did for Halloween. Shauna's party, Cameron's, Jesse's costume for his son.

7:03 - Joy tells the story of when she (according to her) almost got murdered. The others are skeptical.

14:27 - Cameron talks about the onset of technologies requiring us to interact with strangers (Craigslist, Uber, Airbnb, etc.)

17:22 - Cameron talks about Jeremiah's costume at his Halloween party: the old man from Up, with his wife as a zombie version of the dead wife. He also talks about his own locally inspired costume.

21:53 - In Case You Missed It: Jon Stewart's new HBO show, For King and Country's cover of "Out of the Woods", an all-female remake of Ocean's 11.

25:22 - Jeremiah does an impression of Bane from Batman. Jesse gets him to do Sean Connery lines in that voice.

76:55 - Jesse tells the story of when his creepy dentist was late to his appointment, and he left just as the guy arrived.

Notable Guest Moments

50:21 - Introduction to Matt Maher and Jon Guerra.

50:45 - Matt Maher and Jon Guerra introduce "Stained Glass".

52:25 - Matt Maher and Jon Guerra perform "Stained Glass".

58:03 - Introduction to Sarah Bessey.

67:12 - Matt Maher and Jon Guerra introduce "Instrument".

68:20 - Matt Maher and Jon Guerra perform "Instrument".

Other Notable Moments

31:18 - Jesse's slice about Wes Anderson wanting to make a Christmas and a horror movie.

36:36 - Joy's slice about Twitter changing "favorite" stars to "like" hearts.

42:41 - Shauna's slice about an Omaha woman who lost an arm while petting a tiger drunk after breaking into a zoo.

73:30 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What are some theme park rides that need to exist?"

80:17 - Discussion of this week's Editorial Question of the Week.

Tagline - "Whenever I get into an Uber, I have a steak knife."

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Question of the Week

What are your craziest craigslist encounters or advice on how to ensure your safety?

Top Comments

Peter S


Peter S commented…

About two weeks ago I listed a couch on Craig's List. A lady called to see it, first she asked if I could bring it to a nearby coffee shop, that was when I should have started to worry about this transaction. She finally agreed to come to my place out in the country to see it. When she finally showed up she was nervous and fidgety and she brought a smaller lady with her. My uncle who lives with me saw the two of them pull up and wanted to see if they needed help loading the couch into their vehicle. Actually he wanted to see how they would fit the couch into their hatchback. When he entered the garage the two girls get even more nervous and then the girl doing most of the talking started to reach into her pocket I thought she was going to attack us with a steak knife and I started to fear for my and my uncles life, but she pulled out her phone and starts taking our pictures and pretending she is talking to someone named Matt. She then starts asking me questions that were given in the description online. Why, I don't know !

I have been on Craig's list for years and never had any problems but ever since this transaction I have been considering getting off of Craig's list. You just don't know who you are going to meet up with.

Chris McCleary


Chris McCleary commented…

Although not Craigslist, my very first meetup gave me a very "Joy" like moment of anxiety. I had e-mailed back and forth with a girl for about a week and we arranged a date. We had originally set it up to meet at a coffee shop, somewhere very public, then walk around town for some Christmas related activities that were going on. The day of the date I received a text message from the girl saying that there was a chance for snow and she hates driving in winter weather and asked if I could pick her up at her house. I obliged and she texted me her address. During the 45 minute commute I had a sudden strike of anxiety, this quote, unquote girl I have never actually seen or talked to on the phone gave her address to a guy that she had never seen or talked to on the phone. I mean seriously, what sane girl would give a random guy they never met their address?? By the time I arrived at her house I had myself convinced that I was going to knock on the door, get hit over the head with a frying pan, and tied up in a basement Silence of the Lambs style. I was so freaked out I actually parked at the end of her driveway and just stood next to my car and texted her that I was there. To my relief, it was the girl from the profile that emerged from the house and not a serial killer. Little did I know though, she was extremely offended that I didn't bother to come to the front door to greet her and just waved from a distance. On the bright side, it must not have been too off-putting, we dated for a year and have been married for five!


Jimmy Bero


Jimmy Bero commented…

You guys missed a reference to John Mulaney's joke about how an all female Ocean's 11 would never work. Check it out here:

Brigette Chapman


Brigette Chapman commented…

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