Michael Gungor

This week we talk to one of our favorite artists, Michael Gungor. His band, Gungor, has just finished recording their upcoming album, so he talks to us about the process and his take on being labeled a "worship" band. We also talk to columnist Kirsten Powers (USA Today, Fox News, ) about the Kermit Gosnell abortion clinic murder trial. Kirsten was the one who initially made the cry that this story should be front-page news, and she brings up some fascinating points in our conversation with her (don't miss the full interview below). And it wouldn't be a podcast without a new Hoodman story, so you can look forward to that too!

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Listen to the full interview with Kirsten Powers


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Gungor "Dry Bones"

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Gungor "You Are The Beauty"


Kirsten Powers

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Notable Jokes & Runs

7:47 - Jesse talks about playing Tetris on his TI-83 graphing calculator. He also recounts taking a math class called "Math and Society", and an art class called "Colored Pencil Drawing". Tyler's class on children's games, and Cameron's golf class. Tyler compares Cameron and Jesse's college to an Aryan youth camp.

30:47 - Cameron talks about calling the police to scare teenagers making out in front of his house. But only after standing in the window and watching them with the light on behind him, casting him in silhouette. The Hoodmen strikes again.

85:15 - Chad talks about his Youth Camping, Recreation, and Retreats class in college. Jesse says he will start a podcast called Teen Beatz, for radical teens who don't care about spelling.

Notable Guest Moments

41:17 - Introduction to Gungor.

68:33 - Introduction to Kirsten Powers.

Other Notable Moments

5:21 - Cameron talks about splitting Relevant Recommends into two segments: Entertainment Releases and Relevant Recommends.

17:46 - A discussion of the film Pain and Gain incites a rant from Tyler, as well as jokes about Michael Bay's subtlety and sensitivity as a filmmaker.

20:43 - Jesse's slice about Mars One, an mission to put a human colony on Mars by 2023. Tyler cites the Disney movie Pocahontas to prove humanity's thirst for adventure.

27:22 - Maya's slice about a Florida man who went for a jog without clothes on. Jesse tells hilarious stories about his former neighbors who lived in the same area.

36:43 - Tyler's slice about a Saudia Arabian culture festival, where three men from the United Arab Emirates were removed for being too handsome.

62:59 - Relevant Recommends: 42, Jessie Ware, Longform.org.

78:59 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What should we boycot?"

88:35 Outro: "I'll just say from experience, you know, having these kind of looks, it's a burden." - Jesse

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Question of the Week

What was the worst or most ludicrous college course you ever took?

This week the crew got talking about some of the best (read: worst) college courses they ever had to take. So we want you to reminisce with us and tell us the worst or most ludicrous college course you ever took, or the college course you had to drop and the story associated with it.


Samantha Ripple


Samantha Ripple commented…

I went to Indiana University for English Education. One of my writing courses was "Hip Hop Culture" and our textbook was called "Wankstas, Wiggers, and Wannabes."
I do have an appreciation for Tupac now.

Also, my sister (also at IU) failed one class.... "Stress Management."

Andy Shults


Andy Shults commented…

My freshman year as a general ed. class I had to take a class called "Home Run through History: History through the eyes of baseball" and yes it was exactly as it sounds...amazing and the best class I have ever taken. I, also, as a 1 credit elective took a Korfball (a Dutch game that is kind of a hybrid of basketball and ultimate frisbee, just google it) class. Also, I was signed up for a fencing (swords not chain-link) class my senior year but had to drop it for an American Literature class to get into seminary.

Melody Ward


Melody Ward commented…

I went to school late in life (25) once I realized what I wanted to major in Graphic Design. So I took an Art History class from a wonderfully recommended professor. But little did I know he was smoking a lot of weed that year. Class was always interesting and at least made me laugh, because you never knew what he would say or what we would study that had anythign to do with Art. He made an announcement one friday that we would be watching a very controversial movie the following Monday. I come to class after the weekend, to find what seemed like the entire Baseball team in the front 4 rows eatting popcorn. He said he was glad we had so many guests. Then he started the movie, which was "performance art"...and 99% of everyone was nude. Then I realized why the baseball team was there. I slipped out of the class, because I knew he would never notice and I just didin't want to sit through all that garbage. Sadly my professor did notice, but I still got an A, which was all that mattered.



elise commented…

I took a skiing class and I went to college in Georgia where there are no ski slopes. It was basically just a way to get a cheap ski trip to CO at the end of the 7 week class but in the meantime, the baseball coach who was 'teaching' the class actually made us practice getting on and off a ski lift using a broom stick that he would swing around and we'd pretend to sit on it. It was ridiculous. To get our grade for the class we had to meet up at a certain time during our 3 day trip and just ski past the coach and not fall and then we had the rest of the time to do as we pleased which was awesome. Definitely the best 'class' I took in college!

Hammer bhuja


Hammer bhuja commented…

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