Of Monsters And Men (Our 7th Anniversary!)

This week we celebrate 7 years of the RELEVANT Podcast! Not only do we talk to one of our favorite new bands, Of Monsters and Men, we even pulled Jesse Carey away from Loverland, Virginia to join us in-studio. We spent the entire weekend celebrating, engaging in a ridiculous photo shoot and embarking on an epic trip to Medieval Times (don't worry, we tell you ALL about it). Pull out the party hats, people...it's time to celebrate!

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Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks

One of our favorite new bands, Of Monsters and Men, has a pretty awesome video for their song, "Little Talks."


The crew (minus Calvin and plus Chad's wife) about to enter Medieval Times...
The crew in the grand hall...
Waiting for the show to begin (Chad's already a little worked up)...
Cameron and Jesse tear into their chicken. Chad, who is vegetarian, tears into his garlic bread...
Our black and white knight (before he died twice)...
Jesse trying to win the affection of the Falconer's bird...
The Falconer has no tolerance for Jesse's foolishness...
With our black and white knight (who was terrible) after the show...
Jesse wasn't the only special guest in the studio during this week's recording...

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Notable Jokes & Runs

2:56 - Cameron talks about their trip to Medieval Times.

4:05 - Jesse talks about the falconer at Medieval Times. The first discussion of falcons and falconry.

5:52 - A discussion about how you become a falconer.

9:31 - Cameron explains Medieval Times for listeners who aren't familiar.

12:18 - Cameron talks about berating the other knights at Medieval Times, especially the Yellow Knight. Later, he flees from the Yellow Knight after the festivities are over.

15:22 - They talk about the lack of humor in the Medieval Times employees. Jesse throws water in the faces of serfs and wenches.

62:23 - More discussion of Medieval Times. Chad says John Tesh should have been scoring the show.

67:51 - Jesse retells the ketchup in the eye story from when he was at a McDonalds in Oklahoma.

70:41 - Cameron talks about shooting pickles in McDonalds with a straw.

Notable Guest Moments

46:44 - Introduction to Of Monsters and Men.

Other Notable Moments

0:46 - Cameron reveals that this is the seven year anniversary of the podcast. Jesse is live in the studio. He talks about using sock puppets / voodoo dolls when he calls in via Skype.

27:20 - Jesse's slice about a hovercraft Delorean appearing at a Giants game, built through a Kickstarter campaign.

30:43 - Jesse's other slice about a chimpanzee having broken loose on the Vegas strip.

32:07 - Maya's slice about the a finger-pulling festival in Germany.

34:13 - Cameron talks about watching Olympic speed-walking at Chili's.

37:04 - Calvin's slice about the trial resulting from the sale of a kidney for an iPhone; an update from his first slice.

38:33 - Calvin's other slice about a new Denny's opening in Vegas with a full bar and wedding chapter.
Calvin gives a list of the top seven things Denny's would have to do to get him to have his wedding there.

55:32 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What rides should be in the Relevant theme park?"

66:34 - Discussion of this week's Editorial Question of the Week.

72:38 - Cameron talks about the first few episodes of the podcast, and Jesse remembers his first slice.

74:58 - Cameron talks about editing the podcast until Chad was hired. He remembers the old podcast studios they used to record in.

79:49 - Cameron talks about recording video of Gungor's performance.

82:54 - The group talks about the different eras of the podcast: the ramp room era, the Tesh era, the era of Jesse & Adam going to lunch together, etc.

86:07 - Cameron tells the story of the "America: Canada's J'orts" artwork by the Fruhling brothers.

95:50 Outro: "The falconer is coming! Have you heard? Have you heard? He's on his way!" - Jesse

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Question of the Week

What are your podcast highlights from the past 7 years?

It's hard to believe, but we've been doing this podcast for 7 years now. We've had a lot of fun, talked to a lot of artists, authors and filmmakers, and done some ridiculous things that our mothers aren't proud of. But the reason we keep doing this week after week is you. You all take the time to download, listen and give feedback and we couldn't be more thankful. So this week we simply want to ask you, what are some of your favorite podcast moments from the last 7 years (or however long you've been listening). We'll share your favorites and take a trip down memory lane on next week's show.