This week, we talk with OK Go about their crazy music videos, how they pull them off and the surprisingly deep reason for shooting them in the first place. We also speak with Sokeel Park of the group Liberty in North Korea about the dire situation in the country and how you can help. The gang also discusses Apple's controversial new iPhone feature, learns about how Chris Pratt came to faith, hears Stephen Colbert’s thoughts on the dangers of political divisiveness and a lot more.

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What is your weirdest hotel room or travel story?

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Kevin Goodearl


Kevin Goodearl commented…

A few years ago a couple of friends and I were attending the Life is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas. After the first night, we were all obviously exhausted from a fun day of listening to great bands, so we went back to our very cheap hotel and went immediately to sleep. When I woke up in the morning (by some miracle I hadn't moved at all) there was blood on the other half of the bed and sheets. I got dressed and went down to the lobby to complain, only to find what I presumed to be Eastern European men gambling in the back room behind the counter, not to mention that they also had very large dogs in the room as well. So naturally being in fear for my life and not having very much money, I slept on the floor for the remainder of the stay. Ironically enough, the Killers had the top performance of the weekend.

Ross Montgomery


Ross Montgomery commented…

This isn't weird as much as incredible:
Was moving from Alaska a year and a half ago. Got to a planned overnight stop in Canada. Got to the hotel at 10:30pm (it was summer so it felt like 6pm because the sun was still up). I had made reservations, but the door was locked. I called the number on the window. Guy sounds like I just woke him up and tells me I'm not in their reservation book. Start worrying because myself, a friend, my parents and two dogs have no place to sleep. My dad pops into a small hotel near the one we got booted from. They say they know someone that has an AirB&B. It's around 11pm by this point. Super nice guy. We caravan to his house. This house. It was one of those log cabins like you'd see in a mountain resort postcard. This man had been hand-building it for nearly 8 years. He wasn't 100% done but had a couple rooms for us to crash in. He was incredibly generous, even cooked breakfast. The sayings about Canadian hospitality are no exaggerations. We paid for the rooms and then some because of the situation and his fantastic attitude and accommodation for everything.


Josh Wright


Josh Wright commented…

We were staying in a hotel for a youth group choir trip. The kids were not staying in their rooms at night (go figure) so another leader and I tied their doors to each other across the hall so they could not open them until morning. Hey whatever works.

Rachel Wang


Rachel Wang commented…

Like 20+ years ago, my family and I were on vacation. I think my parents must've been trying to save money because we stayed at a cheap hotel that featured a bed that vibrated. You put in a quarter into a machine and the bed shook. My dad tried to play it off cool -- hey kids, how fun is this! -- but my mom was freaking out. I think this is the same hotel that we found m&ms right underneath the bed as well. An all around dirty hotel!

Gabe Clemons


Gabe Clemons commented…

I was on tour with my brother and his band when we checked in to a hotel in Kansas City. We checked in around 6pm and then left to grab some food. After dinner we returned to the hotel around 10pm. As everyone was getting settled into bed my brother found a bed bug in his sheets. Terrified, the rest of us went through everything we had making sure we didn't find any bed bugs. Fortunately we didn't find anymore, but we also weren't staying in the same rooms. We inform the front desk and they get us setup with new rooms in a different part of the hotel. We were so concerned about their being more bed bugs we put all of our belongings into plastic trash bags so the bugs couldn't get in to our stuff. We also slept with the lights on, because apparently bed bugs don't come out when the lights are on, and one guy even slept in the bathtub.

We finally got to sleep around 2:30am and had to get up at 6am to get on the road. On our way out of town my brother found a dog that had been trained to sniff for bed bugs (who knew?) to go through all our stuff and make sure there were no bed bugs. We laid all of our clothes and items on blankets and tarps in a parking lot so the dog could get to everything and give us the all clear. Fortunately we were safe, but it definitely made for an interesting night.



Kim commented…

While renting an Airbnb room in a young couple's apartment, my friends had the awkward experience of waking up to hearing their hosts discussing when the time was right to start having kids. One was ready and the other wasn't. They were held captive in their room for a bit, trying to decide how to escape without awkwardly interrupting the intense conversation.

Brandon Rohrig


Brandon Rohrig commented…

We stayed at an Airbnb in Switzerland this summer. After we left, the host accused us of stealing hundreds of dollars worth of precious family heirlooms from her closet. We sent Airbnb a video of us rummaging through our suitcases at the airport to prove that we didn't take anything. It worked.

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