Propaganda and JOHNNYSWIM

This week on the show, we speak with rapper, author, and poet Propaganda about Black History Month and the state of racial diversity in America. Also, we hear from band JOHNNYSWIM about their new live album and Jesse brings us (another) story about how he almost died.

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Notable Jokes & Runs

2:06 - A discussion of women who don't let their husbands see them without makeup, and also, about moms who don't swim at public pools. Jesse also complains about the concept of adult swim.

6:34 - Jesse tells the story of when he tried to leapfrog across a solar pool warmer.

12:42 - Jesse and Eddie give advice to a listener about emceeing a wedding. Joy jokes about her expectations for them at her wedding.

20:40 - Jesse tells the story of a wedding emcee who used a homemade sock puppet as part of his banter.

22:22 - In Case You Missed It: The Killers' new album with Elton John, Andy Sandburg's new show, Party Over Here, a movie version of a Stephen King novel, Jesus appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, a new Relevant article about fasting.

Notable Guest Moments

53:00 - Introduction to Propaganda.

74:31 - Introduction to Johnnyswim.

Other Notable Moments

35:45 - Jesse's slice about four televangelists who made a deal to have their video series on Netflix: Joyce Meyer, Steven Furtick, Andy Stanley, and Ed Young.

42:02 - Eddie's slice about a Red Lobster reference in Beyonce's new song.

46:11 - Eddie's other slice, about Kurt Russell breaking a priceless guitar on the set of Hateful Eight.

47:40 - Joy's slice about a man who received hundreds of text messages intended for Chipotle's free burrito promotion after their E. coli scare. She texts him during the podcast and receives an answer.

86:24 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What was your worst Valentine's Day?"

95:43 - Discussion of this week's Editorial Question of the Week.

Tagline - "Just shut your mouth and eat the ice cream."

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Question of the Week

What are some of the quirky things your parents did during your childhood?

Top Comments

Nick Capri


Nick Capri commented…

When my brothers and I were really young, our Mom would sing us songs to help us fall sleep. If she wasn't home we'd ask our Dad to, but the only song he would sing was 'Thunder Road' by Bruce Springsteen. There's a reason Springsteen doesn't let anyone else sing his songs.

Joshua Tuggle


Joshua Tuggle commented…

During the winter, my dad would wake up an hour or two early for work everyday. He'd lay on the bathroom floor with a hair dryer blowing on him and do crossword puzzles. The crazy thing is, now I wake up early and sit on my bathroom floor with a space heater and read.


Charlotte Mirza


Charlotte Mirza commented…

My parents had a cassette tape of scary noises that they used to play outside the house on Halloween when tricker-or-treaters would go by. But sometimes, my parents would tell us we had to all go sit on the couch, they'd turn off all the lights, and then they'd play the tape just to terrify us.

Also, my grandmother had some pretty weird tv rules. It had nothing to do with the morality of the show. She wouldn't let her kids watch The Brady Brunch because it was unrealistic. But the kids were allowed to watch SNL.

Nathan Landry


Nathan Landry commented…

My mom hates the smell of onions so whenever she was out of town my Dad and I had our special "mom is out of town" treat, an onion sandwich...only when I got older did I realize the 2 slices of bread, an onion, and some mayonnaise isn't really a sandwich, it's a cry for help.

Carlie-Rose Nicole Horst


Carlie-Rose Nicole Horst commented…

This doesn't necessarily have to do with the episode, but I stumbled across this article.
This guy over 2 years stole $46,000 in quarters.
A harrowing look at road that Jeremiah could have taken, had he continued his life of crime in McDonalds.



tonymyles commented…

Whenever we'd go for a road trip vacation (while baking in the sun because of those backward-facing station wagon seats) my dad would haggle with motel managers about the price of the room. Keep in mind, this was before the Internet let you research all of this in advance. We once drove in and out of every motel in the Wisconsin Dells for FOUR HOURS until he finally walked out of a complete dive and said that we were staying there. The pool was green, the room was small and the air conditioning was broken, but there was endless bacon at the buffet next door in the morning so all was well.

Ashley Schrock


Ashley Schrock commented…

My mom used to (and still does) keep used tissues in her purse. Anytime we'd ask for one she'd pull one out and make us use it saying things like "there's a perfectly fine, dry, unused corner right there. Just use that part." I think we kinda knew it was gross, but when you're a kid and you need a tissue you just kinda go with it. It wasn't until I was much too old that I realized how desensitized I had become to the idea and offered a friend a used tissue with disastrous results. I could hear my mother in my words... "What's the big deal? This part is clean!" Thanks, mom.

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