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This week we talk to husband and wife duo, Rob & Kristen Bell. The popular (and sometimes controversial) author and his wife have written a new book on marriage called “The Zimzum of Love,” and they have a lot of good advice for our listeners. We also spotlight one of our favorite new indie bands, Colony House, catch you up on the week’s news and entertainment and meet an interesting new podcast character, Jesse’s neighbor.

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Notable Jokes & Runs

1:36 - The discussion about Pumpkin Spice and the #PSL (Pumpkin Spice Life) begins. Cinnamon brooms, eating cinnamon sticks, etc.

5:23 - Tyler is called "managing editor of the heart".

9:55 - They recap their conversation with Chris Tomlin, and Cameron reveals that Tomlin once dated a girl who worked for Relevant.

11:17 - Eddie talks about the joke of him joining Chris Tomlin's band. Various scenarios for how Eddie would walk up to the stage while Chris is playing, unannounced.

13:12 - Jesse talks about the Harvest Festival / Holy Ghost Weenie Roast at his church, at which Cicoff the Jester will be appearing. Chad jokes that this is really Jesse. Jesse explains that he's not being ironic in his enthusiasm.

15:30 - Jesse issues a call for churches to stop calling them "Harvest Festivals" and start calling them "Church Halloween Parties". They talk about church Halloween parties / trips through Hell at their churches as children.

19:01 - Jesse introduces the podcast to stories of his neighbor, Joe. Jesse does a New England accent for Joe's dialogue throughout all the stories.

22:16 - The story of Joe's bulldog, Scooter.

26:06 - They talk about the possibility of having Joe join the podcast.

27:27 - Jesse talks about Joe coming to his house late at night with a head wound.

29:17 - The return of "Eddie's Where Are They Now?" Today's episode: Mark Curry (Mr. Cooper).

34:44 - Jesse talks about Zellweger's upcoming faith-based movie, Same Kind of Different As Me. Cameron talks about what they've learned from Left Behind about Christian book-based movies.

36:10 - Chad talks about the next Relevant music compilation, which will be all Christmas music. Eddie jokes about including songs from him and Chris Tomlin. More plans to join Tomlin's band while onstage, unannounced.

38:37 - Tyler's joke about the G-sus chord, which falls flat. Jesse does another Joe accent.

39:29 - Jesse reveals Joe's connection at the local bread factory.

43:25 - Eddie suggests a DVD commentary with Joe.

56:52 - Another discussion of the Pumpkin Spice Life begins.

59:17 - A discussion of Albertsons grocery store, which Eddie hates. The discussion is weaved all through Eddie's slice.

103:01 - They revisit the "G-sus" joke.

105:59 - Eddie feels bad for all the Albertsons jokes. They also talk about dirty Winn Dixie and Piggly Wiggly stores. Eddie announces his upcoming book: Albertsons Smells Like Milk: One Man's Journey to Change the World.

112:43 - They discuss the first request for a Relevant wedding, but decline since it's too far from Orlando.

116:30 - The final (for this episode) discussion of the PSL. Jesse makes fun of Tyler for driving a Nissan Xterra.

Notable Guest Moments

82:12 - Introduction to Rob and Kristin Bell.

83:44 - Kristin Bell explains the word "zimzum", and Rob goes into its origins in Kabbalah mysticism.

87:39 - Rob and Kristin talk about what they want those whose marriages are suffering to take away from their book.

89:56 - Eddie asks Kristin about word associations and the baggage that people take into marriage, and how understanding these assumptions can help.

95:30 - Introduction to Colony House.

Other Notable Moments

5:43 - Cameron recaps his cruise to Canada and the Northeast.

6:28 - Eddie talks about speaking for IJM at a church in Charleston, South Carolina, and meeting podcast listeners there.

8:27 - Cameron gives a pro-tip for travelers.

31:51 - A discussion of Renee Zellweger, age shaming, and the culture of youth and appearance. (This gets retroactively included under "Eddie's Where Are They Now".)

41:00 - Jesse bashes Ken Burns, which leads to a discussion of his documentaries.

46:21 - Cameron suggests the Left Behind producers release the stems of the movie and let fans recut, recolor, and re-soundtrack it.

49:26 - Jesse's slice about a Zombie Fortification Cabin that is now being sold.

50:52 - The group explains the zombie craze to Eddie. Jesse discusses the societal implications of the end of the world obsession.

54:03 - A discussion of the mall parking lot scene in Left Behind, with delayed crashes. Eddie takesit too far by suggesting people simulate the car crashes in their own cars.

58:39 - Eddie's slice about the mass disappearance of Count Chocula in the Fort Collins, CO area.

63:00 - Tyler's slice about a young woman in China who stayed at a 24 hour KFC for a whole week.

66:24 - Cameron talks about his one time eating at a Golden Corral. Other discussions of unhealthy eating experiences.

73:13 - Eddie talks about John Mark McMillan's wedding buffet strategy.

103:58 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What is your craziest lock-in or sleepover memory?"

Tagline - "Oh no. Scooter's out."

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Question of the Week

What are the key attributes of living the #PSL (Pumpkin Spice Life)?




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As always, at least in my opinion, a phenomenal podcast. Hilarious yet honest.

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