The Royal Royal

This week we introduce you to a new worship band that you need to start listening to - The Royal Royal. The band (brothers Nathan and Gabriel Finochio) has fused together elements of rock, electronic and pop along with reflective and hopeful lyrics to create a stunning debut of music centered around God. We really think you're going to like these guys! Plus, Cameron and Chad give a recap of their trip to Israel, Jesse brings a game to help you pick your political candidate and we recap your celebrity encounters.

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The Royal Royal

Get to know the story behind the Finochio brothers.

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Notable Jokes & Runs

48:49 - Jesse's new game: "Obama, Biden, Romney...Ryan." Maya vs. Calvin.

Notable Guest Moments

38:30 - Introduction to The Royal Royal.

Other Notable Moments

1:35 - Cameron announces the podcast's first sponsor, Audible.

3:46 - Cameron and Chad talk about spending time in the desert in Israel.

12:14 - Cameron responds to a Norwegian listener who was offended by him naming Palestine as a country in the previous episode.

21:30 - Jesse's slice about a woman in Florida riding a wild manatee.

25:09 - Jesse's other slice about the Quadski, a new vehicle that is part ATV, part jetski.

28:16 - Maya's slice about a man running a marathon in flip-flops for a world record.

33:56 - Calvin's slice about a teacher in South Africa who crammed 19 students into her hatchback for a class trip.

59:59 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What is your most memorable celebrity encounter?"

66:05 Outro: "This isn't a Soviet bloc country. Sorry. I thought we could ride manatees." - Jesse

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Question of the Week

What "World Record" would you like to see Jesse set in his house?

On this week's show, Jesse mentioned several "records" that he has set within the walls of his house. So we want to take this to the next level and see just how dedicated Jesse is to greatness. This week, we want you to suggest "records" that we will turn around and challenge Jesse to set in his own house.



Anonymous commented…

Jesse should do the Jungle Bird call at the top of his lungs every time he walks out the front door of his house for 30 days.



Kevin commented…

Jesse should begin and end the podcast with a Real Steel jump punch.

He should also attempt to break the record for consecutive hours fist-pumping.

Josh Jensen


Josh Jensen commented…

World record for Jesse: "Most consecutive listenings of one of our generation's most cherished and beloved songs: Hanson's "MMMBop."

Let's hope his marriage is strong.

Jeffrey White


Jeffrey White commented…

Not sure how Jesse feels about spelling, but this might make for a fun podcast feature: seeing how many words he can spell backwords in a minute. Yes, it's real, and it seems within reach.http://www.guinnessworldrecord...


Catt commented…

I downloaded the MP3. It stops after the interview with The Royal Royal. Isn't there supposed to be a quiz about presidential candidates? My husband keeps telling me this exists - beginning to think I'm going crazy as I can't find it. Does the MP3 stop too early?

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