Steven Furtick

This week we talk to author and pastor Steven Furtick. He leads Elevation Church in Charlotte (one of the fastest growing churches in the U.S.) and recently released the New York Times bestseller Greater: Dream Bigger. Start Smaller. Ignite God's Vision for Your Life. Also, the podcast crew breaks down the epic Nicolas Cage / Left Behind news, Calvin sings with the whales and Jesse plots his Halloween costume (hint: it involves a mall kiosk).

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Steven Furtick - Greater: Faith is Action

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Notable Jokes & Runs

2:55 - They talk about Googling websites instead of typing out the addresses, and what search terms people use to get to Relevant's website.

13:36 - Calvin talks about Christopher Walken's delivery and the challenges of doing an impression of him.

14:07 - Calvin attempts a Walken impression.

20:19 - Cameron suggests a new Question of the Week.

32:13 - Calvin's impression of Dracula asking someone named Dmitri to write a national anthem for Russia.

40:22 - A long run of jokes about the Left Behind movie, Nicholas Cage's role in it, the plot of the books (which Cameron has not read) and his guesses as to the main character's name (Butch Tenderhands / Thunderhands), etc.

49:27 - Jesse starts a discussion about the Thief in the Night films.

68:59 - Jesse starts a discussion of various mall kiosk jobs: remote-control helicopters, calendars, iPhone cases, e-cigarettes, etc.

Notable Guest Moments

53:37 - Introduction to Steven Furtick.

Other Notable Moments

4:21 - Cameron talks about a problem with his ear since returning from Israel.

6:24 - Cameron talks about going to the doctor for the first time in fifteen years.

17:23 - Jesse's slice about a new list of the year's most common passwords.

20:49 - Maya's slice about a British housewife who claimed to have been raised by monkeys in Columbia.

25:28 - Calvin's slice about a beluga whale that can impersonate a human voice.

27:03 - Chad plays a clip from a recording of Noc, a beluga whale, impersonating a human voice.

27:39 - Calvin's list of the top four songs it sounds like Noc is singing.

32:52 - Cameron introduces Tyler Huckabee to do a slice of his own.

34:45 - Tyler's slice about the Left Behind reboot.

36:54 - Tyler talks about writing the slice for the Left Behind announcement on the way to the airport.

63:19 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What are some World Records that Jesse should set in his house?"

77:25 Outro: "How's working for the man going for you? I'll tell you what's awesome: Working in this kiosk, chilling, smoking smokeless cigarettes, and flying helicopters." - Jesse

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Question of the Week

Tell us your best Halloween costume idea.

It's the week of Halloween, so we want to hear (and see) your best Halloween costume ideas. Post pictures right here, tweet us or upload them to our Facebook page so that we can see the creativity behind your costume. The one we like the most will win a copy of the Greater DVD by Steven Furtick and the accompanying DVD Participant's Guide Book.



Anonymous commented…

I went as a baby with a giant head. Some found it creepy. I can't imagine why.

mitchell richards


mitchell richards commented…

reminds me of that old Weinerville show on Nickelodeon


Megan Fisher commented…

So I'm assuming you all have seen this:


HeySandyDontYouTalkBack commented…

My friend had an awesome costume, this year. She was a hipster wolf, and on her back was a sign that read "Cry to the Blue Corn Moon? You've probably never heard it."

She'd also dyed her hair with the colors of the wind.

Prayer Solanky


Prayer Solanky commented…

I am a bit behind in listening to the podcasts hence the delay in my comment. Can anyone tell me what/who the background music is during the Furtick interview?

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