Tim Siedell (@badbanana)

This week we talk to writer Tim Siedell - better known on Twitter as @badbanana. Tim is one of the funniest people on Twitter, having been put on the "must follow" list by the likes of Paste and MSNBC. We also spotlight up and coming Pop/R&B band, Haim, find out why Cameron had to take a court-ordered motorcycle class and discuss how Sharknado is bringing our country together.

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HAIM - Falling - Exclusive and live at Maida Vale

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Notable Jokes & Runs

4:10 - Cameron talks about his time at Bob Goff's lodge in Canada. Jesse calls it Bob Goff's Law Log Lodge.

Notable Guest Moments

47:28 - Introduction to Tim Siedell, aka @badbanana

56:45 - Introduction to Haim.

Other Notable Moments

1:58 - Cameron talks about the previous episode, for which he was absent.

11:24 - Cameron talks about having to take a motorcycle safety class because someone else wrecked his Vespa.

20:30 - Jesse talks about Bike Week, motorcycle gangs, and hatchets.

26:55 - Jesse's slice about a column called "Why I am a Creationist". This leads to a really deep and interesting discussion about vitriolic discussions on social media.

38:01 - Jesse's slice about Twitter jokes about the film Sharknado.

41:18 - Eddie's slice about a Florida man who woke up speaking only Swedish.

44:07 - Calvin's slice about a new Japanese facial treatment using live snails.

66:11 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What was the most awkward or hilarious wedding moment you've ever seen?"

79:03 Outro: "You were invited to the Law Log Lodge?" - Jesse

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Question of the Week

What's the funniest tweet you've ever read or written?

In honor of this week's podcast guest, we wanted to ask a Twitter-related question. So tell us, what is the funniest tweet you've ever read, or what is the tweet you've written that you're most proud of?


Michelle Faulkner


Michelle Faulkner commented…

My hilarious friend @colefarrell tweeted this one that had me LOLing : "Quitting soda is going well and I feel awesome and the next one of you to look me directly in the eyes will have your face clawed clean off."

I also deeply miss @prodigalsam's tweets, but understand why he stepped away. A couple of my favorites of his:

"These kale chips taste almost exactly like I wish they were potato chips."

"Watched a video on YouTube about how to beat a level of Candy Crush. So what are friends like?"

David Michael Moore


David Michael Moore commented…

Here are a few of my favorite tweets I've illustrated:

Sammy Rhodes: "I wish I had more time to read" he said as Netflix automatically played the next episode.

Lecrae: If we live in constant fear of people’s thoughts of us and avoid or fight their challenges & critiques, we won’t grow.

Allison Tanenhaus: how do u download the glade plugin

Bill_Nye_tho: If u get bullied bc u love to read/learn just remember I GOT UR BACK SO HARD WE RIDE TOGETHER WE DIE TOGETHER WE LOVE COOL ROCKS TOGETHER

Jake Weisman: It’s not you, it’s DiGiorno

- - - -

Twitter has given me a lot of inspiration to draw and illustrating tweets has turned out to be a fun creative exercise.

Fun fact: The very 1ST tweet I drew was for Cameron Strang, and he replied to me, which was very encouraging starting out on Twitter.

Cameron Strang:

Other Relevant drawings:

Tyler Huckabee:

Relevant Podcast:

Jacob Crouch


Jacob Crouch commented…

A few originals: @jakey121

Has anyone live tweeted a funeral yet?

I'm closer to 40 than I am 20, so I'm basically 50, go ahead and call it 60. Now I'm retired and I'll be 70 before I know it, then 80. #life

Million dollar idea. Dating website for fat people....Chub Hub

Rob Mitchell


Rob Mitchell commented…

Just from Cameron's description, I know exactly where he went... And yes, Vancouver rocks!

Hammer bhuja


Hammer bhuja commented…

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