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This week we talk to one of the hottest bands currently making music, Vampire Weekend. After releasing their new album Modern Vampires of the City, performing on SNL, and gracing the cover of the new RELEVANT Magazine, the band is making their first appearance on our podcast (and we couldn't be happier)! We also play a new round of "Indie Rock Band or Firework," discuss the ethics of head transplants and tell some classic homemade firework stories.

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Vampire Weekend - Unbelievers (Live on SNL)

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Notable Jokes & Runs

1:46 - Jesse talks about homemade fireworks from when he was a kid. They also discuss making napalm and starting wildfires.

Notable Guest Moments

44:25 - Introduction to Vampire Weekend.

Other Notable Moments

12:09 - Eddie reveals a trade secret: the number one place where swimming pools leak.

14:56 - Calvin observes the difference between how men and women hold children.

17:23 - Jesse's slice about stress over choosing baby names. Eddie gives his own rules for picking names.

23:20 - Eddie asks the group the stories behind their kids' names. Cameron reveals he got his son's name from Twitter.

25:59 - Eddie's slice about human head transplants.

39:44 - Calvin's slice about Chinese children legally being obligated to visit their parents.

54:50 - They play Indie Rock Band or Firework with a call-in listener.

65:54 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "Tell us your most awkward celebrity encounter."

71:40 - Calvin talks about being offered french fries by Henry Winkler on a ski trip.

77:59 Outro: "Other firework names include Up in Smoke, Big Red One, Shriller, Phantom Sea-Blue Candle, Flaming Spear, Silver Salute Headbomb, 90-Second Crackling Assault, Hocus-Pocus, Pyro Pinnacle, Vector Nine Rockets, 8-Second Ride, Corruption, Delirium, Horseshoe Crab and Delta Fire. Have a safe Fourth of July, kids." - Jesse

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Question of the Week

What is your craziest July 4th firework story?

As we all come together and celebrate the July 4th weekend with cookouts, pool parties and fireworks, we want to hear your craziest firework story or mishap.




Keke commented…

What's fascinating to me is reading the responses here approaching medical research from a religious perspective.

From a scientific approach, embryos are just single cells, and scientists have been able to manipulate the genetics of single cells for decades. Bacteria, yeast, cancer cells, even normal tissue cells can be manipulated to express or not express genes. The bacteria they "engineered" from scratch was remarkable, but at the same time, not. I use bacteria to express and mutate genes all the time. Life is life, but genes are genes, and are INCREDIBLY easy to manipulate and use as tools. I think from a scientific perspective, "soul" is really difficult to pin down. You use cells as tools, but how many cells does it take to have a "soul". I personally don't think a single cell has a soul. I tend to think of a Radiolab episode talking about how ants form colonies. Lots of seemingly random movements work to form large, complex colonies that act as an organism. How does this work with my idea of God or the concept of a "soul".... it doesn't. The more I learn, the more I realize I will never figure it out. Which makes sense, God's kind of omnipotent and I'm kind of a punk.

I do think Cameron has a really good point when he says the church needs to hurry up and talk about this. The idea of "clones" as "life" has been discussed and explored in science fiction for decades. Generally it ends with "the clones are people and rise up and do something about it". It's time for the church to talk about this, not leave it to the Wachowski brothers (err... siblings). Last month someone actually successfully cloned a stem cell (Tachibana et al. 2013: This is happening. Science is going to continue to progress (not because it is full of evil atheists, but because it is fully of curious people doing things that interest them). The church needs to confront it instead of trying to hide behind "science is bad".



Keke commented…

To redeem that comment:

I used to read those books about kids surviving in the wilderness (think The Hatchet) and wanted to do all the stuff they did, so I spent an entire summer at my grandmother's house trying to learn how to "make fire". rubbing sticks together, using a magnifying glass, etc.

Eventually I figured out that matches work best, but then I set half my grandmother's yard on fire. The hose didn't reach to the front yard, and it was too big, I couldn't stomp it out. Eventually I got in front of the kitchen window (running around trying to stamp parts of it out) and she saw me and came running out with some damp blankets.

That saint of a woman never told my parents.

Daryl Howard


Daryl Howard commented…

When I lived in Alaska we had the perfect way to celebrate the 4th. Since fireworks start forest fires, it is illegal to launch fireworks in many places in Alaska... Stop drop and roll doesn't fix that kind of fire. So we have to be creative.

A local guy near where I lived came up with the perfect way to celebrate the US of A. First, we launch a vehicle off a cliff. Yes... a vehicle. After surveying our damage, we move onto firing bowling balls out of a homemade canon/mortar.

In the past they aimed the canon straight up, then tilted it a little so the wind wouldn't blow it back at us. The idea is to get as much hang time as possible. In 2011, a second cross wind above the valley we were in blew the bowling ball back toward us (even after we had it tilted the canon away from us).
Here is the video of it:
You can hear the eery sound the bowling ball creates as it comes down at the 32 second mark.
Luckily no one was hurt. It was too close for comfort for those that it landed near. The next shot was tilted further down and across the river.

Also for your viewing pleasure, two car launches:
2007 it was a Volvo.

2011 was a Ford Van.

Sadly I have missed the last two years, and have resorted back to the old fashion Pennsylvanian fire work display. Can't wait to return back for another celebration of the 4th, Alaskan style.

David Michael Moore


David Michael Moore commented…

I don't understand why we (Christians) have issue with transplants. Specifically, what passage of the Bible is being interpreted to say we should not do such things?

So far all of the discussion has revolved around preexisting genetic material—I personally don't count that as "creating" life similar to how God created life.

What I think is a interesting hypothetical question: If some scientist somewhere were to cross a line where he/she became god-like (making decisions reserved only for God), wouldn't God simply intervene at that point?

Otherwise is God putting the responsibility on Christians to 1) determine what science is off-limits, even though many of us are not scientists and this is a very gray issue theologically; and 2) compel this scientist (who has free will, mind you) not to commit this act?

Ultimately I feel that we may be uncomfortable with scientific progress, but that doesn't mean God is.

Hammer bhuja


Hammer bhuja commented…

I almost feel like I should create these and post them on the wall next to my computer. In all reality if it isn’t written to resonate with these people it will unlikely be found and if so, the content won’t hit it’s intended target…Thanks for another great lesson..!

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