QOTD: How Do You Listen to Music?

Whether you blaze your ears with Spotify's endless options, take a chance on radio's Top 40, or prefer everything vinyl, there are as many options for how to listen to music today as there are genres. What's your preferred method for listening to your music?



Aaron commented…

If its an awesome album worth dropping double the iTunes price to hear in the amazing quality that new vinyl can provide, then I check to see if it has a digital download card. If it does, I buy the vinyl copy, download the files, and let iTunes Match do its thing on my computer. Otherwise it's all iTunes purchases. The future of music is all vinyl and digital stores such as iTunes. Mixed format. CDs are dead to me.

Carl Chomko


Carl Chomko commented…

I was spending way too much money on music, so I started subscribing to Spotify Premium so that I can access it from my phone or iPad and listen at just about any time and without commercials. I'm leaving the country soon though and this has let me know which albums I really want to be able to hear while I'm gone and to buy (which if I'm not consistently buying albums over there, it balances out since I'll stop paying Spotify while I'm gone).


Noah Battles commented…

I like to use Spotify because it is convenient and way cheaper than iTunes. I can listen on my phone and computer extremely cheap (especially for a college student). I do have some vinyls, but I use them for when I have friends over at my house. I plan on collecting more of those as I go.


Anonymous commented…

Radio! Namely, Minnesota Public Radio's The Current as well as cds from the local library = )

Ryan Thompson


Ryan Thompson commented…

I listened to vinyl for a while, but the record player was just taking up too much of my dashboard.

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