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QOTD: Vote for the Most Influential Television Show of the Past 10 Years

Just because today marks the date of a historic election doesn't mean we can neglect our civic duty to continue putting together ideas for the big RELEVANT tenth anniversary issue. Today we're asking for your input on the most influential television show of the past ten years. Rock the vote.


Will Allen


Will Allen commented…

I'm gonna say LOST



philipwiebe commented…

Drama: Lost brought big mythologies into the mainstream, but its success hasn't been effectively replicated since (despite numerous efforts). The Wire is probably the best show, but its viewership (and work towards making cable home to the best drama) was dwarfed by the show I'll vote for--a show I haven't even seen--The Sopranos.
Comedy: The Office. Even though NBC never fully found a way to make the most of it, The Office brought the single-cam faux-documentary comedy revolution to the masses, and in the process may have replaced the picture of Ross and Rachel beside the definition of the "One True Pairing." Arrested Development may have been better, Two and a Half Men may be more popular (why?), and Modern Family may win more Emmys in the end, but The Office was the most influential.

Ryan Thompson


Ryan Thompson commented…


Honorable mentions: The Office, Arrested Development, 24

Joshua McCrary



JD commented…

The Office

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