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QOTD: What Is the Kindest Thing You've Ever Seen Done?

Witnessing acts of kindness leave their mark on us, like little flags in the world we can look back on as reminders that things aren't all bad. What is the kindest act you've ever personally seen done?



Elizabeth Miller Wood commented…

Funny you should ask...this is the topic of my blog post today. I witnessed extreme kindness last week when someone I'VE NEVER MET gave me tickets to the World Series. For FREE. You can read about it here:


Anonymous commented…

On a medical mission to Zambia in 2008, we met a man with leprosy (actual, real life leprosy). He lived in a thatch hut a local church had built for him, but had little else. Our mission group went to his hut to visit him and provide him with some food and a wheelchair when our translator said that the man had few clothes, no shoes, and no socks to protect his feet from the ground and the rampant disease. We had a pair of shoes with us we were able to offer, but no socks. One of the high school boys who was with us on that visit simply took off his own socks and gave the to the man. He had other socks at home and at the camp, he said, and he did not need this pair as much as Supa (the man we met). This thoughtless act of kindness still warms my heart and gives me hope. God is at work.

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